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Want to have real-time video streaming capabilities in your business? Or Want to create a standalone streaming application from scratch? The Live Video Streaming Experts at Oodles Technologies are there to help you with all that.

Live Video Streaming is defined as the real-time flow of media including audio/video content that is streamed over the internet. This method is used by a large number of content owners and publishers to broadcast their content over the internet. This is perhaps the fastest way to reach the target audiences which further aids in optimal promotions.

Besides the entertainment industry, Live Video Streaming is also an effective method of advertisement and is also used by numerous educational institutions for real-time knowledge sharing. There’s no denying that videos are the most effective medium of promotions and advertisements since they easily grab the attention of the viewers. That’s one of the reasons why a large number of advertising agencies are now inclining towards Live Video Streaming.

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

We, at Oodles Technologies, are pioneers in providing world-class Live Video Streaming Services at the best market rates. The Live Video Streaming Experts at Oodles Technologies are proficient in building top-notch Video Streaming Applications powered by the most advanced technologies like Red 5, Wowza and Kaltura. Apart from that, we also have our expertise in WebRTC and FFmpeg Development Services.

Our team of experts have hands on experience in integrating Live streaming into web and mobile applications.

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