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You are at the right place. Oodles Technologies, a prominent company in the field of video streaming helps you in building your Kaltura based videos. We have a team of expert developers who possess a huge pool of knowledge in the said niche.

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Arouse your project-based demands with the help of our trained Kaltura Live Streaming professionals. Send us your queries. Ask for a quote. Kaltura is the world’s first open-source streaming media console which offers top-line media streaming solutions for a wide range of apps. Kaltura is a highly scalable as well as an adaptable video platform which enables people to create, store and stream all sort of content. It gives you various deployment options such as video hosting, analytics, streaming, cross-platform delivery etc and has become popular because of its extensive Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS).

The Kaltura VPaaS operates in four important verticals comprising of Cloud TV (OTT TV), OVP (Online Video Platform), EdVP (Educational Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform). Over the years, it has high usage in various firms, institutes, startups, home, and even the educational institutions.

What are the benefits of Kaltura Live Streaming?
  • Streams are distributed instantly in KMC and API calls without any delay.
  • Live Broadcast recording for instant VOD access.
  • Seek back to the live events via DVR Window.
  • Ease of playing on any kind of device.
  • In-data-center redundancy and geo-redundancy.
  • Supports multi-bitrate RTMP streams ingest.
Why Choose Us As Your Kaltura Video Streaming Company?

Oodles Technologies is a prominent Offshore Development Company with extensive experience in Kaltura Streaming Platform. We provide high-end Kaltura Video Streaming Services and strive to give you the best in class solution.

Over the years, we have specialized ourselves in Live streaming with Kaltura, Kaltura Video Streaming Solutions, and Kaltura Video Management Services. We make sure that our clients will get the best Video Streaming services so that they can meet all their business requirements as per their objectives.

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