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Are you looking for world-class Video Streaming Solutions to power up your business applications? Use our expertise in Kaltura Video Management Services. The Kaltura Live Streaming Experts working with us are capable of handling complex video management tasks to give you the best results. Send us your queries. Ask for a quote.

Kaltura is an open-source video platform that aims on delivering powerful video streaming experiences to the client projects.

All these platforms have their own significance and are used in different domains and industries. For instance, EdVP as the name suggests, is used by the educational institutions for teaching and learning through interactive video sessions that may or may not be in real-time. Similarly, OVP is mostly used by the media companies for the purpose of content monetization and distribution. Some leading companies like Toggle, Metlife and Infobase have been using Kaltura streaming services.

Key Features of Kaltura Video Streaming Platform
  • 24/7 live events and channels
  • Delivery potential to any audience size
  • Compatibility with all the devices
  • Cloud Transcoding
  • Live to VOD
  • Live Recording
Why Choose Us As Your Kaltura Live Streaming Experts?

We, at Oodles Technologies provide world class Live Video Streaming Services at the most lucrative price. We have vast experience in Online Video Content Management and we provide top-notch Kaltura Development Services to the clients from around the globe. We have a proficient team of Live Video Streaming Experts with hand on experience in building avant-garde mobile and web applications using Kaltura Video Platform.

We specialize in Live streaming with kaltura, Kaltura Video Streaming Solutions, and Kaltura Video Management Services and make sure that our clients are given the best Video Streaming platform to meet all their business needs.

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