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is a part of a foremost big data processing platform, Apache Hadoop.


is a database that can store data in distributed file-system. Big data


provides access to single rows rapidly from a billion row table. It also provides flexible data model to work with and faster scans across tables.


is a column-oriented database management system which runs on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System).

It is used for real-time write/read access to the Big Data. It adds transactional abilities to Hadoop that allows users to do updates, make changes, inserts and deletes. It has a fault-tolerant design that helps store larger data.


possesses some outstanding features such as in-memory operation and filters on each column. The tables in


can be accessed via Java API. This is ideal for sparse data sets.


is absolutely not an ideal replacement for a classic SQL database, although its performance has been improved recently. Now it is also used by plenty of data-driven websites, such as Facebook's messaging platform and Ebay.

HBase service

is cost-effective and the database is often refreshed and organized for fast retrieval.

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