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FFmpeg is a free software project that generates libraries and programs to handle multimedia content. It proficiently handles encoding and a task like interpreting a video format into another one. FFmpeg is fast and is capable to collect content from a live audio/video source efficiently than others. At its core, FFmpeg refers to a set of programming functions and libraries that collectively help many in getting important insights about various media files of different formats. Also, it enables developers and publishers to manage a number of multimedia operations like encoding, decoding, muxing, demuxing and audio/video conversions. It makes use of a multimedia codec named ‘Libavcodec’ and renders full support to all major media formats. Other than that, another codec that it uses is ‘Libavformat,’ it’s a muxing/demuxing library.

Technical Expertise
  • Input devices, decoders, Video coding, metadata, and filters
  • Broadcast codecs like ProRes, DNxHD, IMX/D-10, AVC-Intra
  • Formats MXF, GXF, MOV
  • Usages like Avid, Interlacing, FCP, Time Code
  • Maintenance of FFmpeg bug tracker
  • Expertise with RTP, RTSP, HLS, and SDP

FFmpeg is a command line tool that can convert audio and video format and it was licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License 2+1 or GNU General Public License 2+ (depends on what options are in use). Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) standards video group has encouraged its name. Here, “ff” stands for “fast forward” in ffmpeg. Also, its logo uses a zigzag sign. This sign bespeaks how MPEG video codecs handle entropy encoding.

Furthermore, it is a cross-platform solution that helps you in muxing/demuxing, audio/video conversions, encoding/decoding, and streaming of audio/video content. The codec library “libavcodec” renders support for all the major audio/video codecs and functions.

Advantages of Live Streaming using FFmpeg
  • Convert video files to audio files.
  • Create slideshow video using multiple images.
  • Resize Video Files.
  • Extracting Audio From a Video File.
  • Extraction of Video While Muting Audio.
  • Adding Poster Image to an Audio File.
  • Cut Video File into a Smaller Clip.
  • Split a Video File into Multiple Parts.
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