FFmpeg for Android and iOS devices

FFmpeg is a free software project that deals with multimedia data. This framework contains multiple libraries and programs and is used for converting audio/video formats. Furthermore, FFmpeg is capable enough to decode, stream, encode, transcode, record, filter any video/audio format into another format. Not only this, it can also encode in real -time for many hardware and software sources from a TV card.

The name of the project was encouraged by MPEG video standards group and "FF" is an abbreviation of "fast forward.” It has other tools named ffserver and ffplay. FFserver is designed for live and recorded broadcasting. It also supports time shifting of a live broadcast. While FFplay is a simple media player using SDL and FFmpeg libraries.

FFmpeg libraries for developers and their uses
  • Libavutil- A library consisting of functions for simplifying programming, including random number generators, data structures, mathematics routines, core multimedia utilities, and much more.
  • Libavcodec- A library that fuses encoder and decoders for audio/video codecs.
  • Libavformat- A library of demuxers and muxers for multimedia container formats.
  • Libavfilter- Contains media filters.
  • Libswscale- Executes highly optimized image scaling and color space/pixel format conversion operations.
  • Libswresample- Performs standard optimization of audio resampling, rematrixing and sample format conversion operations.
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