Why Python is the most used language in Machine learning

Posted By : Sulabh Kumar | 01-May-2020

Python encompasses a giant set of libraries that are widely used for machine learning and applied mathematics manipulation like in the field of Data Science, they're straightforward to use. Python emerges out to be the most widely used programming not only in the field of Machine Learning but also used in Web application development by using Djano framework. Python being the most widely used thus in AI and ML it’s straightforward to scan, a communicatory and concise syntax that permits anyone to simply start with python. Conjointly in python general programming is kind of straightforward as compared to R.

I even could not write easy programs in R however in python you'll try this simple, everybody is aware of this. In machine learning actual learning section code is little rather most of the code is knowledge haggling.


Most of the beginner users do not know MongoDB or spark or Hadoop or similar tools.Thus I have to prepare myself, for machine learning I will use scikit-learn, pandas, scipy, etc, and for knowledge preparation you got to be knowledgeable in R, however in python, it's very easy.
The scikit-learn library is fully featured, offering a suite of algorithms to choose from as well as data preparation schemes and clever Pipelines that allow you to design how data flows from no matter what you are doing in Python you learn to try it means quicker then you'd learn to try to do a similar factor in another language.


Machine Learning has already got complicated algorithms, thus a language that's easier to use them lands up being a lot of counteractive, as a result of the event is quicker and AI is simply too powerful.

Some of the Main Packages used in Machine Learning are as follows-

1. NumPy:- Its a third party package allowing us to work with multi-dimensional Array.

2. Pandas:- Pandas enhances NumPy further, they allow us to organize data in Tabular form and to attain descriptive labels to the rows and columns.

3. Matplotlib:- When we have to make data visualization in 2-D Matplotlib is used. This plotting library is specially designed for visualization of NumPy computation.

4. Scipy:- Scipy is a kind of python Ecosystem. NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib are a part of the larger Scipy group library, it contains lots of tools for a scientific calculation suitable for the field of Mathematics, Machine Learning, and more.

5. StatsModels:- A package built on top of NumPy and Scipy, which integrates with Pandas. Statsmodels provides a very good summary.

6. SciKit-Learn:- This is one of the most widely used Machine learning libraries. 


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