Which is best to learn as a Fresher: Python or Golang

Posted By : Abhishek Kumar | 09-Jul-2021


As a fresher, you are always curious to know which programming language is best and easy to learn and which technologies are in high demand in the IT sector and you have to learn which language as a fresher?

So, according to most highly skilled and senior developers Python is the best programming language to learn as a fresher because it is very easy to learn as well as it has very easy syntax. And Golang is for some experienced programmers who have some experience in coding or having commands over concepts of programming languages. Let’s see the features of both languages.

Features of Golang

  • It is an open-source project
  • It is Created at Google by Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, Robert Griesemer 
  • It is a Compiled language
  • It supports concurrency via goroutines
  • It is a Static typed language.
  • It has powerful standard libraries.
  • Garbage collection
  • Concurrency support
  • Easy and readable code

Features of Python

  • It is easy to learn, read, and maintain.
  • It can run on various hardware platforms by using the same interface.
  • You can also include low-level modules to the Python interpreter.
  • Python offers an ideal structure and it also supports large programs.
  • Python support for automatic garbage collection.
  • Python supports testing and debugging with an interactive mode.
  • High-performance
  • Simple, minimal syntax
  • Fast compilation times

Is Golang better than Python?

There is always a clash between python and golang which is used for programming and larger projects. So I have added some questions about these.



Which coding language is best for freshers?


Which coding language is best for experienced coders?


Which language is best for machine learning?


Which language is best for productivity?


Which language is best for the future ?




The main key differences between Golang and Python are:




Golang is a concurrent language and its paradigms are procedural and functional.

Python is a procedural language and its paradigms are object-oriented, imperative, and functional.

Go is a statically typed language.

Python is a dynamically typed language.

Golang does not support exceptions.

Python supports exceptions.

Golang does not support inheritance.

Python supports inheritance.

Golang does not support object-oriented programming so it does not have classes and objects.

Python supports object-oriented programming and it has classes and objects.

Golang supports concurrency.

Python does not have a built-in mechanism for concurrency.

Golang needs more code for the same program.

Python needs less code than Golang for the same program.

Golang is ideal for system programming.

Python is widely used for machine learning and data science algorithms.


Conclusion :


According to the above discussion we have reached the conclusion that both languages have their own importance and have their own use cases. At some point, Golang is better and at some point, Python is better. Whereas  Python is widely used for machine learning and complex programs and data science, Golang is widely used for system programming and not for machine learning. So as a fresher you should go for Python as your first priority.

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