Use Native Sql Query In Grails

Posted By : Ritik Jain | 28-Sep-2021

In order to use a native query firstly we need to import sql package:-

import groovy.sql.Sql


Then we need to inject the dataSource that simply provided the database connection. The DataSource already available in a Grails application, We just need to define the name dataSource as a reference, after this, we can use it in our grails application. 

def dataSource


Now we need to create a method that accesses the data source and SQL. Here we can also access the mapped table that is not possible by findBy*

def methodName(User user){
final def query = '''\
select * from tableName as mn INNER JOIN anotherTableName as e ON = e.table_name_id where mn.subject In (SomeThing) And e.email_string = :email;'''

final Sql sql = new Sql(dataSource)
def mail = sql.rows(query,email:
return mail


If dataSource is not available then we simply use the below code to establish the connection with the database:-

 def db = [url:'jdbc:hsqldb:mem:testDB', user:'sa', password:'', driver:'org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCDriver']
 def sql = Sql.newInstance(db.url, db.user, db.password, db.driver)


Now you can invoke sql to create a table or to run native query:

sql.execute '''
     create table PROJECT (
         id integer not null,
         name varchar(50),
         url varchar(100),



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