Stress Testing Using Jmeter

Posted By : Abhishek Rathore | 02-Sep-2020

This blog post provides a brief overview of Stress Testing using JMeter and its significance in quality assurance services. 


Stress Testing

Stress Testing may be a sort of Software Testing that verifies the steadiness & reliability of the system. This test truely determines the system on its robustness and error handling under extremely heavy load conditions.

Stress Testing ensures that the system wouldn't crash under crunch situations. It tests beyond the traditional operating point and evaluates how the system works under those extreme conditions. It also checks that the system demonstrates effective error management.

Why Do We Need Stress Testing?

It is important to perform Stress Testing on an internet site whenever there's a spike or a sudden surge in traffic. If you fail to accommodate this sudden traffic, it's going to end in loss of revenue and repute.

Stress Testing is additionally required for the subsequent reasons:


  • To check whether the system works under abnormal conditions
  • Display relative error message when the system is under stress
  • System failure under extreme conditions could end in enormous revenue loss
  • Prepare the web site for extreme conditions by executing Stress Testing


Stress Testing Using JMeter

Step 1 – First, you've got to make your own Test Plan in JMeter.



Step 2 – Insert a Thread Group and add an HTTP request with the server name of your website on which you would like to perform stress testing.



Step 3 – Next, you would like to feature a listener inside the thread group and consider the test results. it'll show the status of the test that has taken place.



Step 4 – Now you would like to feature a response assertion inside your thread group. it's one among the foremost important element because it helps you to say the response of request in your software load test plan.



We will add  the response code 200 using response assertion. Response code 200 shows the success of your HTTP request. If you modify the worth from 200 to the other number, the status of the test will change to unsuccessful

Now you'll add variety of users or threads and increase the loop count. So this may increase the strain on your server. But you'll continue performing the test and consider leads to order to see the status of your website under a particular amount of stress.


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