Remote testing services and its importance

Posted By : Sana Khan | 01-Feb-2021

At a time when a majority of people are working from home, the need to switch to remote services is becoming apparent. The same applies to software testing services as in-house testing is no longer a viable option for many companies. After not being able to complete projects on time and realizing the true potential of remote testers, many companies are switching to remote testing services.  This type of practice not only improves the quality of the product but also helps us develop apps that are truly customer-centric.

The current time is the best time to try out remote testers from different locations of the world to test your product under different conditions.


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When to Consider Remote Testing


There are various conditions when it makes sense to consider remote usability testing.  I have listed below some conditions:

  • Timelines may prevent in-person testing due to scheduling issues

  • The travel for the target audience or participants or the experimenters become complex as they are geographically dispersed

  • The participants need to use a particular type of work machine due to software or security requirements

  • The participants have accessibility issues that require that they use their own software or systems.

  • You can potentially run multiple tests at least once.


Best Remote Usability Testing Tools


1. UserZoom

2. UserTesting

3. UsabilityHub

4. Validately

5. TestRail

6. HotJar

7. Crazy Egg

8. Userlytics

9. Lookback

10. Optimizely

11. TryMyUI


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Importance of Remote Testing:


Always availability of QA resources and constant help from QA specialists:

During distant work, you can easily contact your QA team with every question. If you are a technical expert or management specialist it would be very comfortable for you to stay in touch fast with your QA team as they are always available.

Keeping up with the deadlines:

The QA team maintains professionalism by working in terms of contract dates and SLA. You will not see any details because we always have people whom we can substitute for projects.

Saving money:

It always cuts your expenses instead of you would use your local QA testing resources. Quicker ROI and decreasing operating costs are guaranteed.


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