Python on docker container

Posted By : Vinay Mann | 24-Jun-2022

We will configure HTTPD Server and Python Interpreter on Docker Container

These are the steps to setup HTTPS server on docker container:


Before everything firstly we need to start our docker service on the server:

 #systemctl start docker


So to start any service firstly we need a container where we deploy our application.
We will launch a container with centOS image on port number 80
and also assign a name to our container.

Command to lauch the container

: #docker run -it - -name my0s2 -p 99:80 centos


Now we can see that our container get launched now we need to
Configure HTTPD service

So firstly we will install the service 

Command to install the service: # yum install httpd


So our httpd service get installed successfully, we can also confirm that by using the command below

Command for confirmation : #rpm -q httpd


Now we will move the configuration file of our httpd service and make changes in it to see the working of our HTTPD server.
We need to write something in the configuration file to see its working

Commands to enter into the directory : #cd /var/www/html


You can use any editor to make changes in the file, or you can install it
such as vi or vim 



When you try to run the ifconfig command it will display out an error which can be resolved by installing the net-tools command

Command : #yum install net-tools

Now you have to restart the httpd service but systemctl command doesn’t work on it so this is the command to restart it.
services here we use command : #/usr/sbin/httpd


As we have installed the net-tools successfully now we can able to see the ip of our container using the ifconfig command.

Search : #172.17.02/myweb.html

Now if you are able to see the output on the webpage it means your service is installed and running successfully.
Now we setup python interpreter on container and run the code on it:

To run python interpreter first we need to install python.

Command to install: #yum install python3

Now you can see that python is installed over the docker and now we can run out code onto it


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