Metamask Payment Integration

Posted By : Tushar Mehta | 22-Feb-2023

In order to integrate Metamask and make the iOS app compatible to make payments in PTX, Ethereum below mentioned steps should be followed:

Step1: Need to Setup metamask Connection with Metamask App by creating Deeplinking . For Deeplinking and connection refer below mentioned code :

     let connectionUrl = walletConnect.connect()


                /// **NOTE**: Majority of wallets support universal links that you should normally use in production application

                /// Here deep link provided for integration with server test app only

                let deepLinkUrl = "wc://wc?uri=\(connectionUrl)"

                   DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(deadline: .now() + 1) {

                    if let url = URL(string: deepLinkUrl), UIApplication.shared.canOpenURL(url) {

              , options: [:], completionHandler: nil)

                    } else {



Step2: After a successful connection, you will get callback in WalletConnectDelegate in which you will receive on client and one session which will help you out to maintain connection in your app in different states. 

Step3: By Default Metamask Provide Ethereum Network below:

Step3: After Setting up connection you can match chain ID to check if it is connected to your network on Ethereum and at the same time you can switch your network

Step4:  To Switch the network you can follow below mentioned code :

   Customized function for Metamask Switch netowork :


static func wallet_addEthereumChain(url: WCURL) -> Request1 {

        let value = AddParams()

        return try!Request1(url: url, method: "METHOD NAME",params: [value])



struct AddParams:Codable{

    var chainId = "YOUR CHAIN ID"

    var rpcUrls = ["YOUR RPC URL"]

    var chainName = "CHAIN NAME

    var nativeCurrency = NativeCurrency()

    var blockExplorerUrls = ["YOUR URL"]



struct NativeCurrency:Codable{

    var name = "NAME"

    var symbol = ""

    var decimals = DECIMAL VALUE


Step5: After Switching Network to your network you can start payment:

Step6: After successful payment you will get transaction hash inside MetaMask App which you will verify with your backend .

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