A Quick Comparison Between Java and Python

Posted By : Pankaj Singh | 13-Mar-2020

The following blog post provides a quick comparison between Java and Python languages with a focus on their unique pros and cons. 


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The human speaks a different language than computers. To communicate with a computer, we use programming languages. These days many programming languages are there, but in this blog, we will be covering only Java and Python app development and will see their pros and cons.

Java and Python have been fighting for the top position on the most widely used programming languages out there, with Java holding onto its position and with Python app development making rapid progress in the last few years.



Java is a strongly typed programming language. It is an object-oriented programming language. Java has the property of WORA (write once run anywhere) language. It was designed to run on various platforms which is possible with the help of JVM (Java Virtual Machine).



The motivation to create python was to create a high-level language that can act as the bridge between C and shell because using C is pretty complicated. The Python was motivated also by a few languages like ABC, Algol68, Pascal is more clean and readable.

Java vs Python

The key difference between Python and Java


1. Performance

Java used the Just-In-Time ( JIT ) compiler. The JIT is a part of Java Runtime Environment which enhances the performance of Java programs by compiling bytecodes into machine code to run. JVM directly calls the compiled code i.e code is not interpreted, a compilation of the code does not require memory usage and processor time.

Python is interpreted language which slows down Python code at runtime while Java codes compile directly. Determination of the type of the variable during runtime increases the workload for the interpreter.


2. Syntax

Python is dynamically typed. When you use Python, you need not determine variable types, as an interpreter will know the types and the checks will be made at runtime

• Declaring and defining variable

  Example: some variable = 42

Java is statically typed. Java follows the strict syntax rules.

• Declaring and defining variable

 Examples: int some variable; int some variable = 42;


3. Popularity

Python is a dynamically typed programming language that has no necessity of variables declaration whereas java is a statically typed programming language where variables are explicitly declared.

Python code is much shorter. which is one of the reasons why Python is more productive.

On Stackoverflow 2018 survey, Python has been crowned as the fastest-growing programming language.


4. Web Development

Both are used for backend web development. Backend is the web development concerned for creating the software that runs on a server.

It is extremely hard to write our technology for backend from scratch. This is where the frameworks come handy that allow us to build our backend without rewriting from scratch.

The two most popular frameworks of Python are Django and Flask. Flask is a micro web framework, allowing you the facilities like routing requests without too much overhead. Django helps to build a powerful backend with good security and efficiency, Django is backed with a powerful layer of ORM which helps in dealing with databases and performs different operations on the data.

For Java, Spring is the most famous Java backend framework with an awesome ecosystem and big community for it.


5. Jobs Opportunities

Both Java and Python have almost equal opportunities but many industries projects are backed by Java only. So java has more job opportunities as compared to the python. But with an increase in demand, many startups use python too. Payscale of both is good.


Bottom Line

The above pros and cons must not be one's criterion for choosing one language over another language, one must choose the one that he could relate better.

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