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Posted By : Himani Mishra | 07-Dec-2020


DevOps is about increasing communication between Development & Operations. Slack channels can provide an easy central platform for the teams to come together and provides the team with access to the same notifications, monitoring, and metrics. In short, Slack can be referred to as the backbone of DevOps.


The best application of Slack DevOps is to enable a collaborative DevOps culture. It helps maintain transparency and visibility between teams. Additionally, it ensures every team member is on the same page when talking about a build. The best part is Slack also offers integrations with popular DevOps tools that can send notifications directly to Slack channels. 


We can integrate vraious tool with Slack such as:

1. GitHub

Integration with the GitHub tool allows Slack to receive automatic updates about activities like new pull requests, new commits, new push requests new issues, code reviews, and deployment status. Slack GitHub integration allows work to be done on GitHub directly using slash commands from the Slack channel to close/reopen existing issues and pull requests. Also can open new issues using Slack dialog.


2. Jira Cloud

Integration keeps everyone in sync and provides updates on tasks, stories, and also requests from channels. Jira GitHub integration provides issue previews and filtering capabilities too.  


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3. Jenkins CI

Integration Slack with Jenkins CI posts builds notifications directly onto a Slack channel.


4. Azure Pipelines

Integration with Azure pipelines allows for the easy monitoring of events in pipelines and allows users to manage and set up subscriptions for completed builds, pending approvals, and releases. 


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5.Azure DevOps

Integration with Azure DevOps allows code check-ins,  work item updates, pull requests, and build events to show up directly in a team’s Slack channel. 

Note: However, Slack is expensive so that to utilize Slack to its fullest potential, organizations should understand some of the Slack DevOps best practices for maximizing the ROI of the expenditure and the best quality use of DevOps in optimizing the development lifecycle.


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