Introduction to Selenium RC

Posted By : Pooja Kumari | 01-Jun-2020

Selenium RC is a framework and one of the most important components in the selenium-based quality assurance services test suite which provides the functionality of writing any test cases in programming languages. A QA engineer or a developer can write test cases in any programming language so that UI tests for web application against any HTTP website can be done automatically.


Components of RC are:


1. Selenium server: Selenium server is used to launch and kill browsers, interprets, and are used to run the commands which are passed from the test program. IT acts as an HTTP proxy which intercepts and verify HTTP message that passed between the browser and AUT.


2. Client libraries: Client libraries are used to provide an interface between each programming language and the selenium RC server.



Webdriver VS Selenium RC:


1. Architecture: As selenium RC uses an intermediate RC server to communicate with the browser so it has a more complicated structure.While in Webdriver the browser is directly controlled from OS.


2. Speed: As selenium Webdriver directly interacts with the browser without any external proxy server while RC uses an intermediate RC server to communicate with the browser so Selenium Webdriver is faster than Selenium RC.


3. Testing mobile applications: Selenium RC doesn't support the testing of mobile applications while selenium Webdriver supports OS for mobile applications.


4. Object-oriented: As Selenium Webdriver entirely based on object-oriented programming languages like JAVA, C#, etc. So selenium web driver is object-oriented API whereas Selenium RC is less object-oriented API then Selenium Web driver.


5. Browser Support:- Headless HTMLUNit browser supported by Selenium Webdriver while Selenium RC doesn't support a headless HTML browser.



Limitation of RC selenium:


1. It has complicated Architecture.


2. Selenium RC uses javascript commands as instructions to the browser so test execution of test scripts is time-consuming. And therefore its results in the slow performance of selenium RC.


3. In selenium RC, API's are less object-oriented.


4. Selenium RC doesn't provide support for headless HTMLUnit browsers.


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