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Posted By : Mohit Kumar | 26-May-2020

Open For Business (OFBiz) is a suite of enterprise applications built on a basic architecture using common data, logic and process components. The loosely coupled nature of the applications makes these components easy to know , extend and customize.


OFBiz's tools and architecture make it easy to efficiently develop and maintain enterprise applications. And because the creators and maintainers of the project to quickly release new functionality and maintain existing functionality without extensive effort. It also makes it easy to customize and extend existing functionality once you have a specific need.


The architecture alone makes it easier for you to customize the applications to your needs, but many of the simplest flexibility points within the system would be meaningless and even impossible if the system wasn't distributed as open-source software. OFBiz is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 (ASL2) which grants you the proper to customize, extend, modify, repackage, resell, and lots of other potential uses of the system.


No restrictions are placed on these activities because we feel that they're necessary for the effective use of this sort of software. Unlike other open-source licenses, like the GPL, your changes don't need to be released as open-source. There are much benefits to contributing certain improvements, fixes, and additions back to the core project, but some changes will involve proprietary or tip that has got to not be released to the general public . For this reason, OFBiz uses the ASL2 which doesn't require this. the sole required thing is to not remove the "copyright, patent, trademark, and attribution notices" you discover in files. To get the more details on the open source licenses see the Open Source Initiative (OSI) website at


Another advantage of this open-source model is that we receive constant feedback from those that are using the software. we've received countless bug fixes, improvement suggestions, and best-practice business advice from users and potential users of OFBiz. Many of the best features within the project were inspired by some comments or suggestions sent to the mailing lists related to the project. Many organizations using the software and doubtless many deployed sites using one piece or another of the project we generally get 20-30 emails every day about the project.


To make sure our functionality is timely and useful we always start by researching public standards and customary usage for any component we are performing on . This helps us support and use common vocabularies and provides us a moment breadth of options and features which will only be achieved through standards processes and other group efforts. Ofbiz has the great future for flexible communication with other systems that are built round the same standards, both inside your organization and within the partner or other organizations.


The applications and application components that accompany the system provide you with a broad and versatile basis which will be used as-is with the best-practices based designs or customized to your own special needs. The applications handle all the management of everything from parties and products to accounting, customer service, and internal resource and asset management.


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