Integrate JITSI Plugin In a Flutter Mobile Application

Posted By : Lucky Mehndiratta | 09-Mar-2021

It's always good to interact to the second person by face to face rather then text messages because its give us a real feel or create a good impact on second person. As the demand create in the market technologies evolve itself to give a more feature to people to come close by different different way. Mobile Applications is easy way to fulfill this demand and easy to integrate voice & video call feature which enable the user to intract with second person as real time interaction. There are so many technologies for mobile applications development but Flutter is a trending technology in the market. So, We will try to explore this voice & video calling feature with the help of JITSI MEET plugin in Flutter.


We enable this voice & video calling feature in Flutter Mobile Application by doing simple steps.


Step 1:

Add dependency in your pubspec.yml file 

dependencies: jitsi_meet: 

Step 2: 

Run the command 

flutter pub get

Step 3:

Configure Android & iOS 



ensure platform version in podfile 

platform :ios, '11.0'

ensure info.plist should have 


<string>App needs access to your camera</string>


<string>App needs access to your microphone </string>




dependencies of build tools gradle to minimum 3.6.3

dependencies {

    classpath '' Update this

    classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:$kotlin_version"


Set distribution gradle wrapper to minimum 5.6.4.





distributionUrl=https\:// Update this


<manifest xmlns:android=""


    xmlns:tools=""> Ensure this------------>


        tools:replace="android:label"  Ensure this------------>


        android:label="My Application"






Minimum SDK Version 21

Update your minimum sdk version to 21 in android/app/build.gradle

defaultConfig {

    applicationId "xyz"

    minSdkVersion 21 Ensure this------------>

    targetSdkVersion 29

    versionCode flutterVersionCode.toInteger()

    versionName flutterVersionName



In your Flutter project's android/app/build.gradle file, add proguard support

buildTypes {

    release {

        signingConfig signingConfigs.debug


        // Add below 3 lines for proguard

        minifyEnabled true

        useProguard true

        proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile('proguard-android.txt'), ''



Step 4: 

Join a Meeting 

_joinMeeting() async {
    try {
      var options = JitsiMeetingOptions() = "yourRoomNAme" 
        ..serverURL = "yourServerName"
        ..subject = "xyz"
        ..userDisplayName = "xyz"
        ..userEmail = ""
        ..audioOnly = true
        ..audioMuted = true
        ..videoMuted = true;

      await JitsiMeet.joinMeeting(options);
    } catch (error) {
      debugPrint("error: $error");

Meeting Events:

await JitsiMeet.joinMeeting(options,
  listener: JitsiMeetingListener(onConferenceWillJoin: ({message}) {
  }, onConferenceJoined: ({message}) {
  }, onConferenceTerminated: ({message}) {

Closing a Meeting:



After follow these simple steps your able to integrate the voice and video calling feature in your Flutter Mobile Application.


Official Links:





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