Importance of Unit Testing in Software Testing

Posted By : Sana Khan | 10-May-2021

Unit testing is one of software testing which puts in the early testing phase where the smallest elements or the modules of a software are tested separately. With this method of testing, both testers and developers can isolate each module, identify and fix the system defects at a very initial stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Unit testing is one of the simplest and first measures that developers should take to reduce bugs in production.

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The unit testing in software testing usually follows this framework:

1.Creating the test cases

2.Review or rework

3.Prepared Baseline

4.Execute the listed test cases

Role of Unit Testing in Software Development

Automated unit tests reduce the number of bugs leaked in the production. The best unit testing will come from a developer very close to the project, and writing unit tests helps some developers to understand the code in a better way. It can often be a good way for new developers on the project to get to know the code if it was written by someone else so the new user can easily understand this.

Unit Testing - Advantages:

  • Decrease Defects in the Newly developed attribute or reduces bugs when changing the existing functionality.
  • Reduces the Cost of Testing as defects are captured in the very initial phase.
  • Improves design and allows the better refactoring of code.
  • When Unit Tests integrated with build gives the quality of the build as well on production.

Unit Testing Techniques:

  • Black Box Testing - It uses the user interface, input, and output.
  • White Box Testing - It used to test each one of those functions' behavior.
  • Gray Box Testing - It used to execute tests, risks, and assessment methods.


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