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Eligibility Criteria for Domain Name Transfer

>  In case you are wishing to move your domain name from one ICANN-accredited registrar to another, you can do so by contacting the registrar to which you wish to transfer the name

>  This registrar is required to confirm your intent to transfer your domain name using the Initial Authorization for Registrar Transfer form. If you fail to respond or return the form to the registrar, your transfer request will not be processed.

> To authorize or confirm a transfer request a unique code is required know as Auth-Info Code.

> There is a waiting period of 60 days after the initial registration or any previous transfers to initiate a transfer

> Domain status should be Un-locked or OK.

> Domain should not be in the status of “Transfer Prohibited”


Step1- First we have to get EPP Code in your net4 domain.


Step2-Then, Goto


Step3- First you need to click on the domain.



Step 4:- there is an option for domain transfer click on it.


Step 5:-you will get this page, you have to write the domain name here.


Step 6:-The next step is to complete the payment process.



Step7:-When we complete all transactions then goto the domain and select domain, click on the transfers option.



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Step8:-You will see the pending transfer page.



Step9:-In the above page you have to select the authorized transfer option, click on it.


Step10:- In the above picture you have to click on add authorized code, that code you have to find in the email.




Here you can see the example, both code you have to write in the above picture.


Step11:- In this step you have to write EPP code, that code is generated in the net4 domain, which is your first domain site.



Step12:- Then you will get that type of message, It means that you are successfully completed all your steps.



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