How To Integrate A 3rd Party API In Drupal

Posted By : Nitish Devrani | 23-Dec-2020


If you have integrated 3rd party APIs in PHP, It's the same in Drupal as well.

use Curl for the task because it does a completely smooth PHP oriented task. You no need to switch over javascript for the API call work.

It's solely dependent on PHP.



  1. Basic knowledge of PHP.
  2. Apache Server for PHP processing.
  3. Drupal Installed on the Machine. 

Let's Get Started:

First of all, in drupal, we need an area to show this API response. So let's create a new page.

To create a new blank page in drupal use a drupal hook:- modulename_hook. Just like the below image.



After this above example, you will get the blank page at frontend.



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Now as we can see our blank page. Let's get a sample API for demonstration.

I'm using API from here.

Now as we have the sample API now we need to use it in our Drupal Blank Page.

Let's create a function where we use and print all our data which is called by our drupal hook.

function call


Now let's create an API call method. I'm using CURL here because its best for PHP and doesn't require any other dependencies.




Now, as you can see in the last line of this above image. We are printing the API response data.


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This is the response you will see after API call using curl from Drupal.

Then use it in your OWN way.

For example, we want the user profile picture. for that, we need to go inside the response Array.

So the code will look like this.


After that save your file and refresh your page. You will see this.

blank-pagenow image

We are in the final stage now. We got our image URL. Now just use the image tag of HTML and display this image at your blank page.


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And what we'll get out of this is here.


That's it.


If you want to use any 3rd Party API in your Drupal site. Just use CURL for the fast experience to develop and use postman for testing. Then Create a blank page to try and catch the code bugs. After you'll get your final results from that page, copy the code and use it anywhere you want for the task.


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