How AR,VR technologies are transforming the way of shopping

Posted By : Sakshi Chhabra | 31-May-2021

Augmented reality and Virtual reality have come a long way to create a massive impact completely especially in this pandemic situation. With over 5.5 million units of AR/VR headsets sold in 2020 and AR-enabled smartphones, it can be seen that users are acknowledging these technologies. These technologies are also referred to together as Extended Reality or XR due to the similar nature of use and functionality. AR/VR technology makes use of sensor devices to virtually modify the user’s environment. Virtual reality devices typically consist of uniquely designed headsets that offer complete visual immersion into an environment, while augmented reality relies on headsets that add virtual elements to a customer's actual environment. Various types of devices such as Facebook's Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and Sony's PlayStation virtual reality devices have already shipped millions of units as buyers look to explore the possibilities offered by the new technology.

Here’s How VR/AR Benefits And Improve Shopper Experience:

1. Cosmetics Shopping:
AR solutions can be applied in the beauty industry, people who are fond of cosmetics will have a chance to test lipsticks and eye-shadows without applying, washing off, and re-applying the real stuff. With virtual try-on features, they can have a look at color matches their skin tone.

2. Clothes Shopping:
AR/VR reality is the most passionate trend in the fashion industry. It initiates many new opportunities both in offline and online shopping malls. There are augmented mirrors, mobile shopping apps, and catwalk shows that allow users to browse through new collections without even entering the store.

3. Jewelry and watches Shopping:
There are AR jewelry apps that have been designed to Virtually try on pieces of jewels like Earrings, Necklace in such a way as to attract more clients and guarantee an exciting experience.

4. Furniture Shopping:
Customers can virtually plan their room with virtual furniture like sofa, chair, beds, and hardware, and AR has an option to real-time scan the ground or any image to see how furniture would look before actually buying it and this will help customers to shop right product for their home, office or other buildings

5. Departmental Stores:
AR/VR application helps to visit a departmental store to see features and advantages of heavy items instead wait for someone to come and assist you and in AR you can rotate the item, see its features and its uses, and then you can shop it easily without someone else help.

6. Car Shopping:
With virtual reality, consumers get good and neutral experiences. In a virtual reality showroom, the buyer can see precisely how the car looks in the real world. and also AR applications allow customers to place the vehicle in their street or any parking area to see the vehicle close-up from any angles, including seeing the interior in full, although they can interact with other statistics and benefits as well.


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