Cloud Providers Comparision AWS Vs Google Vs Azure

Posted By : Shivam Grover | 28-May-2020

AWS Vs Google Vs Azure: Cloud Providers War


Nowadays Public Cloud market is collectively dominated by the top three public cloud providers – AWS, Google, and Azure. There is very tough competition between these three that can’t be recouped by any other public cloud provider in the nearest future.



Amazon Web Services is the earliest of the three big cloud providers. It is offered in more than 22 regions with 69+ availability zones (Az). Its main computing service is the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) but it offers a lot of other cloud services that provide development and management tools, cloud storage, managed databases, machine learning, and more.



Microsoft Azure is a public cloud service available in 54 geographical regions with approx. The Azure network has 162 availability zones. It is a strong contender for Amazon with a solid feature set in both storage and compute, with powerful Platform as a Service (PaaS) options and strong support for hybrid cloud scenarios.



Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is offered in 20 geographical regions. It uses Google’s global fiber network which provides fast connectivity between its data centers. It is the newest cloud of the three great providers, Google’s cloud storage options, computing capabilities, and its other number of services are allowing it to catch up to AWS and Azure.


AWS benefits from being the leader in cloud computing due to the huge size of its product portfolio. Azure Functions is a close second, but Google is quite behind the market leaders in this respect—focusing more on machine learning and Kubernetes.



So AWS scores more points in this battle of clouds, However, it is tough to say for how long AWS will be on the top among all cloud providers, Azure and GCP are also working hard their way up on the top cloud providers list. Even though the AWS has a great advantage of being the oldest ones in the market. All things considered, it will be better to say that it’s not about choosing the top cloud provider, rather it is all about the best-suited provider as per the requirements

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