Why Pick Node.js For Real Time App Development

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 29-Apr-2021

NodeJs Real Time App Development

Considering the pace of digital advancements and highly competitive marketspace, building apps that users can use to interact in real-time has become a new standard norm for a majority of developers. Whether it is a desktop app, mobile app, or web app, each of them has at least one real-time attribute incorporated. For instance, the two most commonly used real-time attributes in applications are real-time notifications and messaging. 

What Does a Real-Time Application Do?

Here are some of the best instances of a real-time app:

  • eCommerce transactions
  • Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP
  • Video calling
  • Instant messaging
  • Online multiplayer gaming
  • Community storage solutions

Consequently, such occurrences happen over a period of time, however, the user feels as if it is happening instantaneously, i.e. in real-time. These experiences keep the user hooked to their devices & applications. 

In this disruptive era of technological progression, there is a keen interest in mobile app developers for real-time motion tracking, using Node.js for real-time app development, ticket booking apps, Google firebase, live streaming, and more. 

About Node.js

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform framework that assists in building fast, scalable, and secured web apps. It enables dynamic and high-quality web application development that has the potential to cut through the noise.

Role of Node.js in Real-Time Applications

Any real-time application is entirely dependent on speed, scope, and scalability, and Node.js comes right on the top of the list when it comes to considering its non-blocking I/O operations and event-driven features. 

Applications related to ad servers, social media, and stock exchange software get two-way connections from Node.js, making it the preferred choice for building real-time, data-intensive apps.

Apart from this, a real-time application should essentially have the following features:

  • Multiple user collaboration
  • Receiving notifications
  • Making interactions

These attributes can be seamlessly integrated into your mobile application development services using the Node.js framework.

Advantages of Choosing Node.js for Real-time App Development

If you are planning to use Node.js mobile app development services for developing your real-time mobile and web applications, here are some of the best advantages you can avail.

Faster Development

With the Node.js framework, you can seamlessly create fast and robust web and mobile apps that have the prowess to efficiently handle multiple parallel connections. Since it is highly compatible with the modern JAVA platforms, Node.js revitalizes the speed of development of real-time web & mobile applications.

Smart Code Sharing

Node.js furnishes marvelous code maintainability. It assists you in sharing the codes via divulging. Node.js has an impressive storehouse of over 50,000 bundles, thereby, minimizing your code requirements. With this framework, app and web developers can easily reuse, refresh, and share the codes from the end-development without any hassles. Nevertheless, the smart sharing feature ensures that the data changes in the server are forthrightly and directly bound to the client’s web page.


The foremost concern of businesses is that they require a huge amount of investment for web application development. Especially, when it is a small-sized business or a start-up, the issue is even more. However, by selecting Node.js web and mobile app development solutions, you can significantly reduce the overall costs involved. It enables the developers to build feature-rich, fast, performance-oriented applications at affordable prices.

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Proxy Server

If you are building a real-time application that requires multiple numbers of administrative accounts, Node.js ticks all the right boxes. With short and minimal codes of approx 20 lines, your web and mobile app can efficiently stream data from various resources. 

SEO Friendliness

In order to succeed and thrive in the highly competitive digital landscape, every organization adopts the SEO process to rank higher on the search engine pages. The SEO-friendly aspect of Node.js makes it a preferred choice for building real-time applications. Through backend rendering, this platform assists in enhancing the SEO of the real-time web and mobile apps and helps you in increasing engagement, attracting more audiences, and boosting app visibility.

Data Streaming Feature

Node.js is stacked with data streaming capabilities. This means that it permits the breaking of huge data into small and manageable chunks. As the small data chunks consume a minimal amount of memory space, the framework prevents the slowing down of mobile and other devices. Especially for building real-time web apps such as chatbots, live games, chat apps, and more, using Node.js proves to be extremely advantageous. 

Summing Up

Node.js offers an extensive list of features and functions that make it a best-suited choice for real-time web and mobile application development with advanced performance capabilities. Moreover, as it implements the non-blocking and event-based servers, it enables you to inculcate even more attributes such as remote collaboration and user interaction. 

If you are seeking to build robust, dynamic, and server-side applications, you can connect with our team of experts. 


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