Why Flutter Holds The Future of Enterprise App Development

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 08-Jun-2021


Why Flutter Holds The Future of Enterprise App Development?

Flutter is the future of mobile app development and a full-fledged platform with UI and support like native apps as well as cross-platform apps capabilities.

Flutter reigns supreme or at least will be when it comes to enterprise application development. This is the resounding hymn rising from the helm of the mobile app development industry. With growing interest among Enterprise mobile app developers, Flutter may overtake its closest rival React Native soon.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how Flutter is changing the dynamics of enterprise hybrid app development services for good! 

Flutter For Enterprise App Development
Enterprise Mobile App Development

As the name implies, enterprise applications are designed for the limited and secure usage of and by the enterprise workforce. Given the requirement for many features, we must build mobile apps for businesses with a sturdy foundation that ensures excellent performance. Because Flutter framework contains a war chest of over 4000 libraries that can be utilized to build apps. It is fueling the need for app development. 

Let’s take an in-depth look into why an enterprise dependency on Flutter in mobile app development is lucrative!

Layered architecture 

An enterprise app architecture comprises distinct but interlinked layers for appearance, service, and data access. When such usability considerations are factored into the architecture, the working environment becomes a well-oiled, highly productive machinery.

Those who utilize Flutter to create enterprise mobile apps have access to secure networking gateways to web-based services. As a result, the following features are also available:

  • Local storage 
  • Dependency injection 
  • Background processing 
  • JSON serialization/deserialization
  • Sqlite databases 

Development environment 

Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ/Android Studio are both compatible with Flutter. To design, debug, deploy, and troubleshoot, leading OS formats such as Mac, PC, Linux, and Chromebook all support the same.

  • The Dart ecosystem, which imports Dart packages to offer the functionality of external libraries, makes Flutter apps automatically scalable.
  • Flutter comes with three test frameworks: Unit Test, Widget Test, and Integration Test, which may be used to test any Flutter widget or non-UI code component. This enables for the most comprehensive testing possible, with only time and resources as constraints.
  • Flutter deploys apps to Google Play and Apple App Stores using the core Android and iOS toolkit. Thus it can work with any existing company mobile CI/CD setup.

User interface 

The focus of enterprise mobile apps should be on offering a great user interface. Flutter has a rich range of highly accurate renditions of both Android (Material widgets) and iOS (Cupertino widgets).

Hardware Accessibility

If you're working on an Android app with Flutter, you now have access to the following hardware components:

  • Accelerometer 
  • GPS 
  • Biometric Authentication 
  • Camera 
  • NFC

Note: Only a fraction of NFC tags are available, and design restricts NFC application usage on Apple's iOS platform. This isn't due to a Flutter bug.

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Security is an area that cannot be taken lightly. Flutter prioritizes most of the security, which is also a matter of concern for developers. It is no mistake to say that Flutter is a spin-off of sandbox environments for Android and iOS. Therefore Android and iOS developers take flutter into account for app development.

Miscellaneous requirements

Here are some crucial multi-requirements to consider while creating enterprise apps:

  • Analytics–Adobe and Firebase, the leading vendors in the analytics ecosystem have libraries supported by Flutter. 
  • Error reporting: The Sentry library in Flutter can be used.
  • Generating QR codes: Scannable QR codes are crucial for a variety of reasons, including increased app functionality and security.
  • Since the apps are cross-platform compatible, data sharing with Facebook, Twitter, etc. is possible.

Flutter’s Cross-Platform Support Beyond iOS and Android

We've only discussed Flutter's support for native iOS and Android apps, but the platform's support for web, macOS, Windows, and Linux is exponentially growing. You should always aspire to create an app that deploys and functions effortlessly across all these platforms with a single line of code.

You may target mobile devices as well as the web by utilizing Flutter's potential and an extensive selection of widgets. Furthermore, with Flutter-built apps, it is preferable to have responsive screens that look different on different devices and adequately fit the user's screen.

Why choose Oodles for enterprise mobile app development?

With tools that support a unified approach to enterprise app development, Oodles provides the foundations for mobile experiences with elevated security, speed, and flexibility. We also offer full-cycle app development & consultancy services to accelerate mobile app development and integration.

If you want to design a highly functional app with an eye-catching user interface for your company, then drop us a line.


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