White Labeling in Media industry

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What is White Labeling?


The term white labeling refers to a product manufactured by one company but sold by another company with it’s own packaging and label. End customers do not get to know about original manufacturer of the product. In case of While Labeling in Media Industry, it doesn’t matter who is the creator of content. Media is served with label of the buying company.


How does White Label help media industry?

Media industry is at it’s full boom and no one would like to have 3rd party logo on their content. That is the reason why white labeling is becoming so popular in audio and video content streaming world. White labeling video streaming means broadcasters place their logo on the video which they are hosting. By this, the broadcasters get better recognition among their viewers. It’s been a while, many known video players have been serving white label but the integration of white label players into video platforms, is pretty new in the content streaming.


Benefits of White Label:

  • You can publish your content without any unwanted disturbance like ads, promotions or any logo

  • You can extend your content as per your choice. You have branding that matches your color scheme, website and logo.

  • You can fetch analytics as per the requirement

  • It allows you to customize the communication and the content

  • Allows you to distribute your white labeled video content on your white labeled video player

  • You have privilege to control the content, settings as per user’s experience

  • You can restrict your content, secure the content from being downloaded

  • White Label subscribers can also use the service for live video.


How does Oodles Technologies can help you?

Though video services are complex in nature but Oodles technologies offer complete video solutions. Just let us know your requirements, we will serve you with the best solution. The experts will deliver self serve video platform as per your needs.


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