WebRTC vs VoIP what is better in terms of usage

Posted By : Kiran Bisht | 18-Nov-2015

WebRTC vs VoIP what’s better in terms of uses



The telecommunication industry has been perplexed lately as to whether WebRTC is capable to exist with VoIP or runs against it. WebRTC is a feasible IP communications mechanism that runs alongside the internet-based phone mechanism called VoIP. Both of them are being used heavily in business and residential field

The confusion still persists, that is, WebRTC and VoIP providers are friends or competitions? Or can they coincide?



What’s Similar?


WebRTC and VoIP both improves user experience and enable customer devices to connect from anywhere and on any network globally.





VoIP uses a group of variants such as VoIP over DSL or cable moden, Rich Communication Suite, voice over Wi-Fi/3G, and voice over LTE, whereas WebRTC aims at browser-cased communication.





An online telecommunication mechanism, which provides a simple and more well organized technology as compared to traditional phone service. VoIP employs advanced phone technology to make phone calls from home or workspace in a cost effective way with more features. It is cloud-based so cables aren’t required and calls are sent as digital data; any kind of Internet connection can be used to make calls from any device. Since VoIP is cost-effective and the same line can be accessed from any device and any location, businesses have started to use it more. Some of the benefits that VoIP users get are no installation or service fees, free ad-ons, 24*7 customer service, and reduced cost.




Web Real-Time Communication is an API which works as a software mediator that makes it possible for app programs to interact with one another and share data. It is basically used to enable browser-to-browser apps for Peer-to-Peer file sharing, video chat, and voice calling without plugins. WebRTC is a technology which is growing at a faster pace and is accessed with JS APIs.  




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