Strengthening Video Content Management Using AWS Media Services

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Developing a video-on-demand (VoD) software or a live streaming application requires vast domain knowledge, skills, and expertise. It starts with outlining clear app specifications and formulating strategies as per the requirements. Nevertheless, once you have an effective execution strategy in place, it is important to choose the right tools to initiate the development process. More often than not, investing in inadequate development practices leads to project failure in OTT application development. Above all, startups in the video streaming industry also bear the brunt of the immense market competition. As a result, it becomes essential to invest their money in the right development tools and cloud platforms. 


AWS Media Services is a fully managed cloud platform that lets you build seamless video workflows and high-quality video streaming applications. It gives you access to five standalone video processing tools under AWS Elemental that enables faster development and delivery of over-the-top content across devices. Read further to learn more about these tools and how they facilitate seamless video processing and OTT content creation.


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What Is AWS Elemental?

AWS Elemental is an enterprise-grade video processing platform that combines deep video expertise with AWS cloud to deliver engaging video experiences. Its pay-as-you-go services enable enterprises to create high-quality audio/video content and broadcast to a wider audience worldwide. With AWS Elemental, you can easily customize and monetize your content on a global scale to captivate viewers and generate revenue streams. It comes with five different packages that provide a unique set of video processing capabilities with the elasticity of the AWS cloud. 


AWS Elemental MediaConnect

MediaConnect is a reliable, secure, and scalable transport-level service from AWS Elemental that enables broadcasters to share their content with distribution partners over the cloud. It lets you create high-quality video transport workflows and deliver them for distribution quickly and more efficiently. It is a cost-effective pay-as-you-go solution that is much affordable as compared to satellite or fiber-based transmission methods.


AWS Elemental MediaConvert

MediaConvert is a video transcoding service that provides file-based access to content creators for transcoding VoD streams for multiscreen delivery. It enables video providers to deliver engaging content to their viewers without dealing with the complexities of managing a complex media processing infrastructure.


AWS Elemental MediaPackage

AWS MediaPackage is a video origination and packaging service that enables broadcasters to securely deliver OTT streaming content at scale. In other words, it prepares your audio/video content for delivery across the content distribution channels with enhanced security and reliability. AWS Elemental MediaPackage simplifies the implementation of time-shift TV functionality with basic features like pause/play, rewind, forward, start-over, and many others. In addition, it facilitates a secure and cost-effective video distribution service, incorporating just-in-time (JIT) packaging with the highest content protection standards.  


AWS Elemental MediaLive

MediaLive is a fully-managed live video processing service that enables video providers to create and broadcast high-quality streams of live events. It provides a series of advanced video broadcasting features for seamless content delivery in real-time over the secure channels. With MediaLive, broadcasters can focus on delivering high-quality video experiences to viewers without setting up a complex video processing infrastructure.


AWS Elemental MediaStore

As the name suggests, MediaStore is a video origination and storage service that facilitates high-speed delivery of video content with minimal latency. It lets you manage your media sources in a secure and organized manner and provides an efficient and cost-effective storage solution for your cloud-based video workflows. 


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Wrapping Up

Amazon Media Services provide several benefits to broadcasters, publishers, and content creators with a variety of unique cloud features. They can quickly build and deliver high-quality content to the viewers without getting into the complexities of setting up a full-fledged video processing infrastructure. With AWS Media Services, you can easily scale your audio/video content as per the marketing conditions and audience’s expectations. 


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