Using Java in Artificial Intelligence Programming

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Java for Artificial Intelligence

2018 was a year that witnessed a rapid rise in tools, platforms, and applications based on  Artificial Intelligence. With AI’s capacity to build innovative business capabilities, it is considered the future of industries and their operations. AI and AI enabled ChatBots will continue to influence different sectors including healthcare, automobile,  legal, manufacturing, and agriculture.

A host of programming languages come into play for developing AI solutions.  Some of the frequently used languages are Python, IPL, Lisp, C++, MATLAB, Java, Prolog, STRIPS, AIML, Planner, POP-11, Haskell, and Wolfram. Java is considered to be favorite amongst the AI or ChatBots developers because of the following features -


  1. Portability

Java’s Virtual Machine Technology enables developers to create a single app version that runs on all Java-enabled computing platforms. Java’s popularity is mainly due to its:


  • Maintainability

  • Portability

  • Transparency


Artificial Intelligence is linked with search algorithms, genetic programming and using artificial neural networks. Programming AI in Java has the following benefits:  


         Benefits of Programming AI in Java                  

Artificial Intelligence programming with Java makes graphics and interfaces appear, appealing and sophisticated.



Java is used everywhere and is a highly versatile language. It is useful for creating machine learning suites, multi-robot systems, and sensor networks.

Oodles Technologies utilizes machine learning techniques to create intelligent chatbots for businesses across the globe. Our chatbot development services bring the tangible change a business needs by helping them reach more customers in a short duration.


Our AI Services Showcase


Our client wanted an AI-enabled app that informs the crowd about the environment inside pubs, bars, clubs, and lounges they are planning to visit. Oodles experts created an AI-enabled app that generates essential insights using a 10 seconds video clip. It updates patrons with real-time music identification even before they arrive at their destination.


Another leading client wanted to release a web-based Intelligent Brokerage platform in the UK that enables the industry to identify potential academic partners. Our AI experts used IBM Watson to fulfill our client’s requirements. We helped them classify their publication and inventories so that major tasks are accomplished without hassle.


Popular AI Projects Created with Java

  1. WEKA

WEKA is a Machine Learning Suite that has an open-source list of algorithms, suitable for developing machine learning techniques. These algorithms can enable machine learning and data mining capabilities. This set can carry out the following tasks:

  • Feature selection

  • Criteria evaluation

  • Numeric and categorical learning tasks

  • Data filtering


WEKA can facilitate companies in data mining, predictive analytics, and business intelligence.


2. Robocode

Robocode is an open-source Java-based game, designed for developers to learn the principles of Java Programming language. This game has a simple Robot Code suitable for developers to build robot behavior. Robocode can build a robot, program its strategy and develop a programming language.


Other Artificial Intelligence projects that are successfully developed using Java are:

  • JOONE Neural Engine

  • Polar Mobile Robots


Java or Javascript has similar syntax needed for the development of Chatbots or AI. ChatBots are easy to make using JavaScript and Facebook Messenger. Artificial intelligence development services like,, clarifai, and Fancy Hands make the development of Chatbots easier. These AI services can be integrated with Java, Python, Node.js having SDKs for JavaScript.


Java makes open-source codes available for free to beginners for creating AI OR Chatbots. Being highly versatile and easy to use language Java is favorite amongst AI professionals and beginners.


Are you planning to get your business apps updated with technologies like artificial intelligence or Chatbots? Contact Oodles for AI-driven solutions, services, technologies and more. Our developers create chatbots using Java, Python, and other programming languages based on the requirements our clients have. Contact us today for details!


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