Useful Tools and Plugins To Enhance Flutter App Development

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 20-Apr-2020

Useful Tools and Plugins To Enhance Flutter App Development

Flutter is an open-source mobile application framework that has become increasingly popular for its advanced cross-platform mobile app development capabilities. With features like hot reload, vast community support, and an extensive widget catalog, Flutter is becoming the first choice of mobile app developers. One of the main benefits of Flutter is that it enables developers to build cross-platform mobile apps using the same codebase. In doing so, it accelerates the development process and reduces time-to-market. However, there are several tools available for Flutter app development that can make the process even faster and provide several other advantages. 


In this blog post, we are going to talk about open-source tools and plugins that can improve and accelerate Flutter app development. Each of these tools can make the development process faster, easier and more efficient in one way or another. Let’s move further and explore these tools and their benefits in Flutter mobile app development. 


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Useful Plugins For Flutter App Development

At Oodles Technologies, we have successfully completed several full-scale Flutter app development projects for startups and small-to-medium enterprises. To accelerate the development process, improve app performance and efficiency, we have been actively using the following tools and plugins.


#1 Flutter-WebRTC

It is an open-source media handling plugin for Flutter-based applications that renders real-time communication capabilities via simple APIs. The plugin is compatible with mobile, desktop, and web platforms and adds advanced audio/video capabilities to facilitate seamless real-time communications. Flutter app developers can implement the same plugin for both Android and iOS mobile apps with minimal code changes. Apart from rendering real-time communication features, the plugin also provides support for live screen capture and recording sessions. 


#2 Codemagic

Codemagic is an extremely useful tool that speeds up the Flutter app development process by automatically carrying out several essential tasks. In fact, it lets you automate the whole process including build, testing, and releasing pipeline of the Flutter and non-Flutter app. As a result, it accelerates development and significantly reduces time-to-market. Codemagic eliminates the need for manual testing as it automatically tests the app after every commit. At the same time, it notifies the dedicated team members of the latest updates.


#3 Supernova

Supernova Studio is a UI tool that bridges the gap between developers and designers. Recently, Supernova has also rendered support for Flutter-based mobile app development. It enables designers to easily generate suitable UI code for the app and pass it on to developers for further deployment. With the new material design widget in Flutter, it is possible to make UI changes in real-time as the app runs in parallel. With Supernova, you do not have to save and import PSD and Adobe XD files to Flutter SDKs. Instead, you can simply export these files directly to Flutter as Supernova converts your designs into production-ready code. Doing that saves you valuable time and speeds up the entire process. 


#4 Chewie 

Chewie is an open-source video player plugin for Flutter application development services that provides low-level access to video playback. It is a simple yet powerful video player that masks an intuitive Cupertino UI. Please note that the Chewie video plugin is currently not functional on iOS simulators. It is, therefore, advisable to use an iOS device during development or testing processes. 


#5 Appetize

Appetize is a popular web-based iOS simulator and Android emulator enables developers to run native apps in a web browser. It renders support for HTML and JavaScript-based programming and provides in-app previews. It also provides plug-and-play solutions for automated testing that gets to work in minutes. 


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The Bottom Line

The aforementioned tools and plugins are extremely useful for Flutter app developers whether they are beginners or experienced professionals. Not only do they accelerate the development process but also enable developers to create feature-rich mobile applications that deliver engaging user experiences. 


Why Choose Oodles Technologies For Flutter App Development?

We are a seasoned Flutter app development company that specializes in building cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Our development team uses Flutter SDKs in combination with the latest tools and plugins to build high-quality mobile apps with custom features. Our Flutter app development services ensure that your app performs seamlessly across multiple platforms with minimal downtime or latency. We critically analyze your project requirements to formulate effective mobile app development strategies for better user engagement and interactivity.

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