Useful AngularJS Tools To Accelerate Web Development

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 26-Mar-2020

Useful AngulasJS Web Development Tools

AngularJS is an increasingly popular web framework that provides a high-level JavaScript-based programming interface for building cross-platform web applications. It is a frontend development tool that is best suited for building single-page websites and web applications. AngularJS is a part of the MEAN stack development suite of JavaScript-based technologies. The framework extends the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) API with add-on attributes. Built on top of the Model View Controller or MVC architecture, it enables developers to create responsive app interfaces. 


AngularJS provides a powerful run-time environment for building feature-rich web applications with a number of customizations. Furthermore, it facilitates faster development and deployment of apps using a variety of tools for development, testing, and performance optimization. Let’s move further and discuss the five most useful AngularJS tools for web application development. 


Useful Tools For AngularJS Web Developers

Below are the commonly used AngularJS tools that significantly improve development efficiency and production quality. 



In AngularJS, Karma is a testing tool that provides a productive testing environment for web applications without complex configurations. Using Karma, AngularJS developers can write code and get instant feedback from the tests being performed. It comes with mobile handset support and offers several unique testing features such as real-time browser implementation.  



Mocha is a JavaScript based testing tool that mainly supports Node.js programs. It is an extremely useful tool that enables developers to test JavaScript capabilities of a web application in optimal conditions. When used as an extension in AngularJS, Mocha.JS provides full-scale test coverage and supports asynchronous testing for both browser and framework. 


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Djangular is a tool that eliminates the hassle of developing the app content to accelerate the overall web app development process. It is a reusable utility tool that you may use multiple times to address the requirements of your AngularJS-based web development project.



As the name suggests, Videogular is a video implementation tool for AngularJS-based web development projects. It is an effective tool for featuring HTML5-based video playing capabilities to an AngularJS web application as per the project requirements.



AngularUI is a companion suite to the AngularJS framework that includes several independent modules to speed up the development process through directives. It replaces widgets with bone-naked directives for seamless integration with UI Bootstrap. Some popular modules in AngularUI are CodeMirror Editor, Event Binder, Bootstrap, jQplot, and Scrollpoint. 



Protractor is an automated testing tool under AngularJS that provides support for end-to-end (e2e) testing using JavaScript-based technologies. The tool is designed by the AngularJS team using technologies like Selenium, Mocha, Jasmine, and WebDriver.



It is a browser extension that aids AngularJS developers to progressively inspect and highlight DOM elements. The extension is supported by popular web browsers such as Chrome and Safari and enables developers to discover the scope and model updates in real time. 


Angular Material

Angular Material is a collection of UI components in AngularJS such as Navigation, Form Controls, Layout and its utility tools. Each of these components is derived from the Google Material design language. 


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Being one of the most extensively used text editors, SublimeText is a must-have tool under the AngularJS web development suite. SublimeText is preferred by a majority of developers because of its easy customization features and adaptability to all types of programming interfaces. It comes with a customizable code snippet and supports multiple framework packages to speed up the process. 



Webstorm is an JavaScript-ready Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and text editor for AngularJS. It comes with built-in support for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and provides coding assistance for the supported frameworks including AngularJS and NodeJS. Some of its features include autocompletion of code, smart code insights, on-the-fly error prevention, and refactoring. When used with AngularJS, it provides integrated instruments for testing, debugging, and code analysis. 



The aforementioned tools significantly improve AngularJS web app development and testing at different stages of deployment. They accelerate the development process and enable developers to progressively test their application for smooth performance across multiple screens. Besides, there are several other similar tools like Angular Gettext, Angular Batarang, Jasmine, and that may simplify and accelerate the AngularJS development process.


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