Unfolding Quick Wireframing With Draw.io

Posted By : Subham Yadav | 30-Nov-2018

Steps for creating a Wireframe, using Draw.io:

  1. Hit Draw.io at the search bar.
  2. Select "Create New Diagram" from the pop-up.
  3. Select "Basic Diagram" or "Layout" from list on the left hand side.
  4. If "Layout" is selected, then choose the layout which is more inclined towards the desired structure.
  5. Now, the screen for creating a wireframe must appear, having Layout Editing Space at the centre.
  6. This screen's header consists of all the actions, one can perform over the Layout, whether it has been successfully crafted or not.
  7. The next tab has some more functions that one can use in the Layout.
  8. On the left hand side, there's a search bar at it's top, allowing to search shapes in abundancy. The searched shapes could be dragged directly from the list and dropped on the Layout, or could be brought to the Layout by just clicking on it.
  9. There's also a scratchpad, just below the search bar. All the shapes which are found to be most frequent, could be stored there, by dragging them from the layout.
  10. Next is the "Shapes" tab, in which all the shapes are subcategorised under Categories. In order to view all the categories, click on "More Shapes" and the entire list of categories would appear there. 
  11. Centre of the screen, as earlier mentioned, has the Layout Editing Space, where the entire Layout is crafted. Just below the editing space, multiple Layout tabs could be managed. And, It is always possible to zoom in & zoom out, for the hunger to craft a close to perfect Layout.
  12. Right hand side of the page has "Style", "Text" & "Arrange" tabs, each having a huge amount of editing options. These editing options could be easily used to improvise the overall feel & to enhance the comprehensibility of the Layout.

The reason why it has been termed moderate, is because the amount of time it saves, is almost wasted while creating the Tables. It only have a few types in Tables category, sufficed with the fact that you can't edit the count of Table's Columns & Rows. Now, even after having such flexibility over the shape & design selection, the tool lacks availability of tables. But again, the tool is nice, but needs more melioration.

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