Understanding the Advantages of React Native Apps

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 02-Aug-2019


Understanding the Advantages of React Native


Online stores became popular when Amazon introduced its ecommerce platform for brick and mortar retailers to sell products to a wider audience. Web presence gives retailers and consumer brands to establish their brand presence worldwide. With the success of eCommerce and emergence of mobile platforms online businesses started reaching out to shoppers with mobile apps. Today, Google and Apple host more than two million applications on their respective app stores. It is anticipated that this data may increase to 5 million by 2022.


Mobile applications are in great demand since they enable consumer brands to effectively market their offerings using data captured by them. Banks, retailers, e-commerce companies, financial institutions, healthcare companies, and several other types of businesses are investing in mobile apps to provide on-the-go access to customers. The functioning of an application depends on the development framewor. The right framework can prevent an app from downtime and improve user engagement. 


A popular framework among app developers is React Native. The framework was initially started as Facebook’s internal Hackathon Project in 2013 but later became a trending framework for iOs and Android mobile app development. React Native is effective for creating high-performance mobile apps that can serve a large number of users at any given point of time. React Native has risen in popularity among native app development companies to create feature loaded mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. The platform is effective at building cross-platform applications.  Today, a number of applications are built on app stores with React Native.


Let Explore Some of the Popular Apps Built with React Native


Facebook’s AD Manager 


Facebook Ad Manager is the first React Native app built by Facebook. This cross platform app is designed to handle the difference in date formats, ad formats, timezones, curriencies etc. The feature loaded app has got a clean interface, simple navigations and intuitive UX to provide users a smooth interface. 




Those who have used AirBnB app can undoubtly praise it for it for its phenominal performance. AirBnB development team currently has 60 members working on React technology. The best part of this framework is that it enables developers to build reusable code easily and effectively. 




Gyroscope is another successful app designed using React Native. The app integrates easily with the HealthKit and enables users to track their physical fitness. The feature loaded app tracks heart rate, steps and activities like stepping stairs, weightloss, meditation, productivity, and more. The cross platform app displays the data in simple and card mode. The tracked data can be used for analysing daily/weekly/monthly reports using easy to navigate windows. 


Let’s explore some of the benefits of React Native apps 


Offers Flexiblity of Working 


React is a JavaScript library that provides an easy interface to develop web and mobile applications. Native mobile app developers use React Native’s framework to develop single page applications (SPAs) or build innovative app functionalities easily. 


Comprehensive Development


React Native provides software developers a single integrated solution for web application development. The framework is compatible with third party plugins and supports efficient development of additional features with zero downtime. It also enables developers to use MVVM (Model View View-Model) patterns, dependency injection, REST actions, data binding, inbuilt templating using HTML and built-in unit testing APIs to build all essential app features.


Allows the creation of isomorphic apps


Isomorphic JavaScript app enables the developers to use the same code for server and client-side components of an app. It is an app development methodology that essentially accelerates the rendering performance on the server. The framework also enhances the capabilities of search engines to index web pages with better UX. React Native app developers can use this framework to effectively create components that work with utmost efficient on both client as well as server side.


Enables Live and Hot Reloading 


  1. Live and hot reloading can be made possible with React Native application development. In live reloading an application reloads and refreshes when changes are made to it. The process provides new file to the simulator, which automatcally reloads the app directly from the start. 

  2. Hot reloading is about Hot Module Replacement (HMR). It refreshes the file without literally loosing the state of the app. The actions can be performed by simply pressing Ctrl + S keys to save  changes. The HMR intermediator inserts the updated files in the required location even when the app is in a running state. The advantage of hot reloading is that it enables developers to make changes in the source code without recompiling the app. 


Simplified UI 


In comparison to other app development frameworks like AngularJS or MeteorJS, React appears more like a JavaScript library than a framework. The open source framework enables developers to create a sequence of actions with this framework to build responsive and interactive mobile applications. It enables developers to understand the end results of UI simply by reading HTML and Javascript components. React’s interactive and flexible interface is effective for customizing pre-built components.  


The React.js development framework supports development of data-intensive, real-time web and mobile applications. Developers can reuse codes and pre-designed components to build apps efficiently. It eliminates the need to hire more developers and reduce development cost-effectively. High performance, responsiveness, and agility are the key benefits of React.js mobile app development.  It offers effective processing to prevent downtime. 


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