Understanding Enhanced ER Diagram

Posted By : Harshit Verma | 20-Sep-2018

What is an Enhanced ER Diagram?


The enhanced entity diagram is also named as the extended entity-relationship models. It is the diagram that is very similar to ER diagrams. It is high-level models that are used to represent the requirements and the complexities of the complex databases. Any object, example entities, attributes of entity, relationship sets,  attributes of relationship sets, is represented with help of ER diagram and the attributes is property of entities.


The enhanced entity diagram includes:


-> SuperClasses and Subclasses.
-> Generalization and Specialization
-> Category
-> relationship inheritance and Attribute


Let us make the entity-relationship models with the MySQL workbench it is easy to use.


-> First of all, make sure that the connection with the database is setup successfully, then go through the menu mentioned on the upper side.
   Database > Reverse Engineering 


Then the popup window like below will open,


1-> On the first step, there is a connection option, you need to fill that up.



2-> On the second one it will ask for DBMS connection.



3-> Then on the third, you have to select the schema for which you want to draw the entity relationship diagram.



4-> At the fourth step, it will ask you for the objects retrieval.



5-> On the fifth step, you have to select objects and click the Execute.



6-> Now it is almost done it will show the message of success.



7-> The results is the last step that shows the number of tabes that is involved in the entity-relationship diagram.


If as an addition you want to prepare the documentation of the database, then just go through the following steps.
1-> Go to the tools in the menu, in the entity-relationship diagram tab.

2-> Then select Utilities > Generate Documentation.

3-> Now the whole document is copied, now you have to paste that in any editor, arrange it in your desired pattern.

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