Understanding ECP with the Example

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Equivalence Class Partitioning

It is the software test design technique that we can use in the White-box testing as in the form of Unit testing

Also, we can use in the Black Box testing as in the form of System testing.

It is also known as ECP.

For performing the Equivalence class partitioning it divides the entire possible input range into the partitions.

We can apply this type of technique at all the levels of testing Eg:- Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing, Acceptance testing.

The idea behind the Equivalence class partitioning to test each partition once. 

The input data that divide in the form of partition are considered to be the same. 

The divided sets are the equivalent classes. Such type of partitions are equivalence class partitions.





                                                                Figure:-Dates (1 to 31)


The above-mentioned figure related to the date field that presents in the Signup form in which there are 3 partitions are present 1 is the valid partition and other 2 one’s are the invalid partitions.


The main assumption of the equivalence class partitioning is if we take 1 input condition from each partition if that input condition that present in the partition is pass the other conditions that present in the partition also pass and that partition is a valid partition.

If you pick any value from the valid partition eg:-if we pick the value 5 or the other value that present in the partition the system accept that value then or all other values that partition will accept by the system.

If we take that input condition that gives the outcome fail the other input condition that present in the partition will fail. That partition is an invalid partition.

If you pick any value from the invalid partition eg:- if we pick any negative number or we pick the number that greater than 31 the system not accept that value and reject the value or all the other values present in the partition failed.



While performing the ECP the main advantage is that it will reduce the number of test cases.

While performing the ECP the probability of uncovering the defects are more.






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