Transforming Business Processes using Artificial Intelligence

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 13-Jun-2019

Transforming Business Processes using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence first came into existence in 1956 as a concept, but we have started experiencing it since the last few years. Leading global businesses have implemented artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate business processes and improve customer satisfaction. AI has the capacity to overcome complex business challenges and increase operational efficiency. The proliferation of AI has led to a steady increase in demand for development companies that specialize in AI technologies.


Let’s explore the multiple ways in which organizations can benefit from AI solutions


Cost Savings


AI automates business processes to streamline routine tasks and increase productivity. In some cases, automation can handle as much as 80% tasks freeing up personnel to focus on critical tasks. The ability of AI solutions to detect errors at initial stages reduces the costs of rectifying them later.


Improved Decision Making  


Businesses face difficulties to generate insights from large chunks of data. AI solutions provide businesses with clear and in-depth insights from the deluge of data so as to improve their decision making power. They are capable of cleaning, sorting, and arranging data for analysis and cater to the requirements of decision makers


Improved Customer Interactions


The deployment of chatbots has made it easier for leading businesses to interact with their customers efficiently. AI enabled chatbots to automatically welcome customers in a chat window. They provide customers with the information they need to eliminate waiting time. AI Chatbots do not need customers to fill questionnaires to resolve their queries. They respond to specific customer queries with efficiency to increase customer satisfaction levels. Leading research team Gartner forecasts that Chatbots alone will handle 85% of customer queries by 2020.  


Conducting Market Research


Research teams invest in chatbots development services to conduct engaging and personalized conversational surveys. Personalized surveys improve the respondent experience and increase feedback response rates.




E-commerce companies are investing in Chatbots to improve the customers shopping experience. AI enabled Chatbots uses customers’ data stored in the apps to search the most convenient options available for them.


Example: Leading online portal “eBay” uses Chatbot technology to enable customers to find items they want at the desired price range.  


Subtle Personalization


Artificial Intelligence has enabled businesses to automatically send emails to clients on their birthdays or anniversaries. Sending interest based offers on special occasions strengthens customer relationship and improves conversion rate significantly.


Artificial Intelligence is playing a great role in improving brand engagement, increasing business sales and profit. Integrating Artificial intelligence in business apps or social media apps enhances customer relations. AI Chatbots offer personalized assistance to keep customers engaged and assist them. Artificial Intelligence benefits have been realized in multiple industries including real estate, healthcare, automobiles, and aviation.


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