Transcode Live Stream In Wowza

Posted By : Vikash Patwal | 29-Jun-2017

Step-1: Firstly If you created your live streaming application by editing the application configuration file (Application.xml) in a text editor, make the following additional changes to Application.xml so that the application can work with the Transcoder and then restart the Wowza media server:


 <!-- To turn on transcoder set to: transcoder -->
      <!-- [templatename].xml or ${SourceStreamName}.xml -->


Step-2: Then open wowza ui and select one by one old created app id and enable transcoder one by one.



Step-3: After change in Application.xml file and create new app in wowza is already enable transcoder.




Step-4: Finally Connect Live Stream with Wowza and transcode in selected different flaver.






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