Top Tech Innovations To Watch Out For In 2021

Posted By : Abhinav Srivastava | 15-Jan-2021

Tech innovations that will amaze us in 2021.


Tech Innovations in 2021


As the famous saying goes, change is the only constant. We can witness it in the tech world too. Regardless of the market conditions, new tech innovations are taking place to turn the world into a better place. From drone delivery to developing a system that could predict the risk of viral transmission, we can see many such groundbreaking innovations in the coming time. All this despite the cloud of uncertainty looming on the horizon. As a tech company, we keep an eye on the key developments, and here is a list of tech innovations we can brace ourselves to see.


Artificial Intelligence


One vital technology that will be at the forefront of tech innovations this year is AI. The applications powered by artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly popular and critical to business performance. AI will prove to be a promising tech evolution in the coming period as the vast collection of data will help us prevent viral transmission. With machine learning algorithms becoming more sophisticated, we will find more applications that will have greater outreach.


The AI industry is on its course to become $190 billion by 2025. Tech companies will pump enormous money into developing better cognitive and AI skills.


Extended Reality


Extended reality is the composition of augmented and virtual reality. The challenges posed by the current situation demand innovation. This reality technology will work in conjunction with other technologies to solve the problems that could lead to a viral transmission. The sectors that have the potential to become the best suitors of extended reality are healthcare, education, and lifestyle. However, it will not be limited to these three in the longer run.


Industry 4.0 and digital transformation will contribute to the tremendous growth of extended reality. The extended reality market will grow exponentially to become a $333 billion industry by 2025.


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Human Augmentation


The principles of exceeding, replicating, and supplementing human capabilities are what lies at the core of human augmentation. We have endless possibilities in this area that range from artificial limbs to customizable contact lenses, artificial windpipes, and embedded scanning.


Experts predict a considerable growth of human augmentation technologies between 2020 and 2026. Hence, it will be interesting to what the future holds in this segment.


5G Technology


Reports suggest that 5G technology reached 41.48 billion USD and will continue to grow annually at 43.9% from 2021-2027. The reason behind this is the advent of a new normal in the wake of the pandemic. Video conferencing, remote working, and online learning are driving the adoption of the 5G technology as we have to manage school and work from home. As mobile manufacturing companies, such as Samsung and Apple, are rolling out 5G smartphones. Moreover, Qualcomm is leading the shift to the 5G technology by manufacturing processors that can handle the high bandwidth. OEMs are already on their course to let users embrace the 5G technology. 


We will be witnessing more countries leveraging the high-speed connectivity with 5G technology and enabling seamless business operations.


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Edge Computing


Edge computing applications will gain traction this year with AI, 5G, and mobile cloud. The processing of daily dust of data will become faster and efficient with edge computing, thus leading to the development of better applications. Experts suggest that the edge analytics market will grow at a frantic pace with a CAGR of 32.6% from 2016 to 2021. The edge analytics market will be worth $8 billion in 2021. We can see how critical it is for companies to move away from traditional computers to high-performing edges for AI and other data-intensive applications.


Aerospace Technologies


With aerospace companies looking to build a zero fuel aircraft, you can imagine the running ground for tech innovations in this sector. We can see advancements in aerospace technologies with the advent of advanced propulsion systems & material sciences, smart automation, and blockchain technology. 


3D printing technology is also enabling the industry to redefine its operations. The aerospace industries are one of the hardest-hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we will see the tech developments at a calculated pace.


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Wrapping Up


Tech evolution will continue to be the guiding light for humans to tackle serious challenges. We can see what the future holds for several technologies and how they will be impacting human lives. It will be interesting to see when and how we come across some long-awaited applications. With this, we come to the climax of our article. Thanks for your time!


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