Top Industries That Can Benefit from OTT App Development

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 24-Jun-2021


Top Industries That Can Benefit from OTT App Development


The OTT (Over-The-Top) streaming market is thriving. Gobally, subscriptions for online streaming services have grown from 600 million in 2019 to over 1.1 billion in 2021. 

The exponential growth of the OTT applications can be factored by the elevated accessibility of content because of the qualitative streaming capacity of devices, high-speed internet, and the advancements of technology. For instance, OTT streaming apps can deliver personalized content to billions of users by leveraging AI at the backend. Several enterprises from a wide range of industries are benefiting from the results that OTT applications bring along. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 industries that can benefit from OTT video streaming app development.
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  1. Entertainment & Media

The entertainment and media industry comprises television, film, radio, and print where the digital content may range anywhere from movies, talk shows, music videos, sports, radio shows, news, and more. This sector relies heavily on audio and video streaming applications. 

Audio Streaming: It is a popular source of entertainment. These services have significantly made it easy for people to discover lesser-known artists and new music. The platforms make music of different languages and genres available all under one roof. It may include podcasts, radio stations, etc. Audio streaming apps can be downloaded on Android & iOS mobile devices, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV, and more.

Video Streaming: Live streaming and video-on-demand streaming services have been swiftly gaining ground in the entertainment and media industry. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu have become quite popular household names for TV shows and movies. These video streaming platforms are readily available as TV apps, mobile apps, Chromecast, Blu-ray players, and more.

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  1. Education

Apart from the entertainment & media industry, the next sector that has been benefitting immensely from OTT apps is education. While online classes, learning courses, and teaching marketplaces have been around for such a long time, schools, colleges, and universities have started adopting Video-on-demand services and OTT platforms for eLearning.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, several eLearning platforms have been doing rounds for offering intuitive solutions in the education sector. These eLearning apps use VoD and Live Streaming in the background so that students can utilize the content later for tests and revisions. 


  1. Health & Fitness

During COVID-19 lockdown, at-home workouts became the most followed trend. In order to stay fit, people are accessing online tutorials, connecting with their personal trainers via online classes, and more. Considering the opportunities that come along with it, many startups and established businesses are heavily investing in it. For instance, Classpass is a perfect example of health & fitness OTT apps where people can actively connect with their trainers and watch videos on demand. 

When developing OTT apps for the health and fitness industry, you need to ensure that they are built for bigger screens in order to have better content clarity. For instance, building applications for Android TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs, and other platforms can enable users to have a wide exposure and understanding of the content. 


  1. Gaming

Lately, live game streaming has gained a lot of traction. These platforms allow gamers to record live gaming experiences and share videos on multiple channels. Dedicated and professional streamers often amalgamate entertaining commentary with high-level play and earn from subscriptions, sponsorships, and donations. Users on such platforms can either access the videos on-demand or live stream them.

In the existing gaming landscape, Twitch has become a leading game streaming platform with more than 15 million active users on a daily basis. Following the similar trend, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming platforms were later launched. Some of the other live game streaming platforms that are famous include InstaGib TV, Mixer, HitBox, and more.

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