Time Tracking App Development For Effective Remote Collaboration

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 10-Sep-2020

Time Tracking App Development For Effective Remote Collaboration


Remotely monitoring your employees can be a back-breaking task, not to mention the increased complexities and delays in product delivery. As the novel coronavirus outbreak has forced many people to work from home, remote collaborations have become essential to monitor work activities. That being said, time tracking app development is an effective way to accurately monitor work progress and tasks being performed by employees. As of today, a majority of IT companies rely on time tracking software to achieve the desired work efficiency and productivity. 


We, at Oodles Technologies, provide 360-degree time tracking app development services to monitor employee tasks and efficiently manage work activities. We specialize in building custom-tailored time tracking software that enables project managers to organize and distribute tasks to boost productivity. We are skilled at using remote collaboration tools like Time Doctor, Toggl, and Hubstaff to develop a high-quality time tracking system with advanced features like time/attendance tracking, screen monitoring, task scheduling, payroll processing, and more. 


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Key Features of Time Tracking Apps

At Oodles Technologies, we specialize in building data-driven time tracking applications with custom features. Based on the requirements of our clients, we are skilled at implementing the following features.


Time Tracking

We build feature-rich time tracking applications that can effectively monitor employee tasks and provide a complete work breakdown. Our time tracking application solutions enable enterprises to accurately track working hours of employees and time spent on breaks. 


Attendance Tracking

We integrate time tracking applications with biometrics systems and card punching systems to accurately track employees’ attendance data. The time and attendance data is saved in the database and is easily accessible to team leads, managers, and the employees themselves. The managers get instant alerts or push notifications if their subordinates are coming late to work. 


Automated Screenshots

Our development team uses advanced screenshot modules to implement screen monitoring features in a time tracking application. The application automatically takes random screenshots of employees’ computer screens at regular intervals. It enables directors and managers to monitor exactly what their team is doing.


Automated Performance Reports

The application can be developed to automatically generate monthly/weekly performance reports and send them directly to managers for random audits. These performance reports provide valuable insights into employee data to identify productivity issues and points of improvement. The performance reports are also shared with employees so they self-correct inconsistencies in their timesheets. 


Payroll Processing

We develop data-driven payroll processing applications that enable accounts teams to efficiently manage payroll data of employees. It also gives them the ability to track billable/non-billable hours of employees and generate client invoices with accurate, easily retrievable data.  


Choosing The Right Time Tracking Software

To effectively monitor employee data, it is essential to choose the right solution for time/attendance tracking and performance monitoring. You can either develop an application from scratch or white label a full-fledged performance monitoring tool as per your business needs. There are several white label solutions available for time tracking app development that let you custom-build a solution with features of your choice. White labelling an existing performance monitoring system aids in rapid development and gives you access to its proprietary features. There are several performance monitoring tools like Time Doctor, Toggl, UltiPro, Hubstaff, and TSheets that provide white label solutions to enterprises. Building an application from scratch can be time consuming but it gives you full control over the product and lets you customize it as per your business needs. 


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Additional Remarks

A time tracking software is equally beneficial for startups, medium-sized enterprises, and large-scale organizations. By investing in time and attendance tracking applications, a company can overturn its team management strategies to achieve better operational efficiency. It further aids in improving business productivity and enables organizations to grow and expand. 


Why Choose Oodles Technologies For Building Time Tracking Software?

We are an experienced SaaS app development company that specializes in building intuitive, responsive, and feature-rich time tracking applications. Our development team is skilled at using advanced white label tools like Time Doctor, Hubstaff, and Toggl to develop high-quality performance monitoring software for enterprises. We have successfully built several full-fledged time and attendance tracking solutions for clients from across the globe. For project-related queries, drop us a line at info@oodlestechnologies.com.

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