The Importance of Color Psychology

Posted By : Mahima Gautam | 28-Feb-2018

What is color psychology

Color psychology usually depends on the mental and emotional effects that provide a sight on people in all facets of life.There are many subjective pieces for the psychology of color as well as some of the accepted elements.There can be variations on interpretation, meaning, perception based on different cultures.


Applying color psychology in day-to-day life

In the art therapy, color is usually considered to be associated with people's emotions.Colors also influence people's physical and mental state.For e.g. research has noticed that people are looking at red color result in increased heart rate, that leads to additional adrenaline pumped into the bloodstream.Psychology effects relate to two main categories:- warm and cool colors. Warm colors like red yellow and orange have the ability to spark various emotions comfort to anger.Cool colors like green, blue and purple often generate feelings of calmness or sadness


Psychological effects of cool colors

Use of purple provides a quite nice balance between the simulations and serenity that are responsible for encouraging creativity.Use of light purple provides a peaceful surrounding and relieving the tension.The blue color is used for high traffics rooms or for rooms where the user will spend significant time.


 Psychological effects of warm color

I want to create stimulation environment or people's appetite you can use the yellow or orange colors.You should avoid the use of orange and especially yellow color.It reflects light and excessively stimulates persons' eye and lead to irritation.


Color psychology for marketing and advertising

Color psychology plays a significant role in marketing and advertising.This is the fact most of the companies have invested huge amount on this research and some of them have followed its use to implement them in advertising.Colors are constantly used for making an attempt to make a person feel hungry, associates negative or positive tone.Marketing and advertising management will now agree on the benefits for understanding and utilizing psychology effects of colors.

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