TestNG Framework And its Architecture

Posted By : Manish Kumar | 23-Apr-2018

Before jumping directly to TestNG framework, let's discuss what a framework means.

What is a Test Framework: A set of rules and guidelines which are helpful in test script creation and designing.
It can also be considered a set of good practices and tools that helped testing persons to write and test functionalities more efficiently. It can be comprised of test-data handling methods and the results storing process.
Additionally, the set rules are not also mandatory to be followed, A QA professional can still use some of these rules and some of his own as per requirement.
What is TestNG Framework: This framework is inspired by JUnit and NUnit  and has many additional newer functionalities such as annotations and can enable a  script writer to run his code in a big thread-pool.
Also can be called as a hybrid architecture because its a combination of two frameworks which are Data-driven and Method-driver framework, Additionally the execution is controlled by its internal suite files which are comprised of  TestNG classes.
TestNG Architecture: 
Expanation of some terminologies can be given as :
Suite: Suite in testNG is maintained and represented by a XML file, Also it is defined as <suite>
Test : This can contains one or more classes which are to be executed and is defined as <test> in  a suite
TestNG Class: Mandatory to contain atleast one of the Naaotations of testNG and contains methods to be executed , it is defined as <class>
Test Method: @Test denotes the method which has a actual execution code
Also Steps of execution: First of all @BeforeMethod is executed, after this all the test methods will start executing and at the end @aftermethod gets executed.
@BeforeMethod contains preconditions: which are like opening browser, navigation to desired URL and other navigational steps,
@Test contains business logic or the actual test case or it can be said as they contains transactional steps
@AfterMethod contains storing or recording of result data and closing of browser etc...
Thanks, Hope this will help you to understand internal implementation of TestNG framework.
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