A Technical Comparison Between VueJS and ReactJS

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 16-Jun-2020

A Technical Comparison Between VueJS and ReactJS



JavaScript is a programming language that powers an increasing number of web development frameworks and tools for frontend/backend development. It goes without saying that JavaScript-based frameworks have become increasingly popular in web application development. As time progresses, developers have gained access to more advanced tools and JavaScript technologies that have significantly reduced development complexities. 


Frontend development is a quintessential part of the web development process that becomes even more important in terms of delivering user experiences. Frontend of a website or web application directly impacts its user experience and can be a major factor contributing to user engagement. It is, therefore, essential to choose the right framework for frontend development. 


When it comes to JavaScript, there are several frontend frameworks that render a fast and effective development environment with minimal complexities. That being said, AngularJS, ReactJS, and VueJS are the most extensively used frontend development tools that facilitate programming in JavaScript. At Oodles Technologies, we actively use these frameworks to build custom-tailored web applications for clients. In this blog post, we provide a high-level overview of Vue.js and ReactJS frameworks for frontend web development.


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ReactJS For Frontend Development

ReactJS is an open-source library of programming functions developed by Facebook for building lightweight frontend interfaces of web applications. It is mainly used for developing single-page applications. Below are the key features of ReactJS that aid frontend web development. 


Easy To Learn and Use

Unlike Angular and VueJS, React is not a framework but a library of programming functions in association with several other JavaScript libraries. As a result, it is comparatively easy to learn and master and developers can get a hang of it in a matter of days. 


Virtual DOM

The availability of virtual DOM (Document Object Model) in ReactJS facilitates high-speed development of scalable web applications. ReactJS developers can create a virtual representation of the webpage using its memory reconciliation algorithm to test the viability beforehand. It enables developers to pin down the potential challenges and work proactively to develop an effective webpage faster and more efficiently. 


Code Reusability

Instead of working from scratch, React developers can reuse the given codebase and modify it to implement new features and upgrades. Besides, it has a well-defined lifecycle in-line with a component-based approach. ReactJS uses a JSX syntax which makes it compatible with both JavaScript and HTML.


SEO Integration

Several online marketers are of the opinion that JavaScript frameworks are not SEO-friendly. ReactJS, however, breaks this conception as it renders support for a seamless SEO integration. React-based web pages can work efficiently on server-side, rendering the virtual DOM in a web browser as a regular page. 


Vue.JS For Frontend Development

Vue.JS is an open-source MVVM-based JavaScript framework for building frontend user interfaces, single-page websites, and web applications. It was introduced as an alternative to ReactJS in 2014 and soon became popular amongst developers for building single-page websites and web applications. Vue.JS has a core library of programming functions that focuses on the ‘view layer’ and lets you develop high-quality static and dynamic single page web applications. Given below are the key features of Vue.JS for frontend web development. 



Vue.JS is an extremely lightweight framework that packs powerful features in a small file that normally takes less than 50KB storage space. Be that as it may, it offers high-speed development despite the small size and is sometimes more effective than React and Angular. 


Intuitive Development Interface

Vue.js provides an intuitive development interface that is easy to use and offers high-speed development. The availability of large-scale templates significantly improves development efficiency and frequency, making it an ideal pick for frontend web development. Above all, it has a simple structure with less scope of errors and minimal complications. 


Better Documentation Support

Apart from rendering a simple development interface, Vue.js provides a comprehensive documentation that is well-organized and easy to understand. Owing to the availability of this document, anyone with the basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML can get familiar with Vue.js in no time. 


Easy Integration

Vue.js offers active integration support as it enables developers to seamlessly integrate with other existing applications. It provides a custom component logic and enables developers to compile multiple features in a single file. 


Supports Two-way Communications

Vue.js comprises a MVVM architecture that facilitates two-way communications to effectively handle HTML blocks. In addition, it provides a swift one-way flow that enables developers to handle different components with ease. 


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As it turns out, both React and Vue.js frameworks are equally good and it would be unfair to say that one is better than the other. Both these frameworks provide a seamless development interface to help you build high-quality web applications with minimal hassle. However, if we closely analyze the two frameworks against the aforementioned metrics, we find that ReactJS is more efficient at building large and complex web applications. On the contrary, Vue.js is best suited for building small and lightweight web applications with a simple user interface. 


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