Streamlining Warehouse Operations By Implementing Barcode Systems

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 05-Dec-2019

Implementing Barcodes To Streamline Warehouse Management

Effective inventory and warehouse management strategies are essential to drive business revenue, increase profitability, and improve customer services. However, an increasing number of businesses worldwide lose billions of dollars every year due to inefficient inventory control mechanisms. According to Microsoft Midsize Business Center, inventory is one of the most significant sources of revenue to a business. It is, therefore, critical to accurately manage a business’ inventory and warehouse operations to achieve better transparency and traceability of stocks, goods, and raw materials. That being said, implementing barcodes in ERP warehouse management systems can streamline warehouse operations by facilitating accurate inventory tracking at every level. 


Aligning a warehouse management ERP software with barcodes will not only improve warehouse operations but also enables businesses to augment customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we will discuss the key benefits of implementing barcodes in inventory and warehouse management processes.  


Fast Processing and Order Throughput

In the absence of barcodes, employees will spend most of their time keying in SKU numbers of hundreds of items in a warehouse. The process is tedious, time-consuming, and more prone to errors since they are manually keying in every SKU number. Besides, it leaves the inventory unorganized, making it difficult and time-consuming to retrieve the required items. However, once you implement barcode tracking mechanisms, you don’t have to deal with the aforementioned complexities.  


Using barcodes in warehouse processes enable faster storage and retrieval of inventory items, thereby reducing shipment delays and order fulfillment cycle. In short, implementing barcode scanners is one of the most effective ways to accelerate warehouse management processes and achieve higher-order throughput. Moreover, it may have a dramatic impact on your business sales and revenue which further yields more profits and increased customer satisfaction.


Reduced Warehouse Management Costs

Manufacturing companies or warehouse managers that do not have barcode-enabled inventory tracking systems require human employees to manage inventory data. It causes an exponential increase in warehouse management costs. Besides, they have to spend a huge sum of money on conducting training programs for their staff which does not guarantee desired results. 


Implementing barcode scanners significantly reduce unnecessary expenses. Besides, they leave less scope for manual errors and facilitate efficient processing with less time consumption.   


Error Detection and Control Mechanism

Manually keying various inventory items and source documents often leads to errors in data entry tasks. Errors may be caused due to incorrect keying mechanisms, misinterpreted handwriting, wrong signatures, and many other reasons. According to Chron, for every thousand keystrokes made by a person, there are approximately 10 errors that go undetected. Further, these errors cause major shipment delays and yield a bad customer experience. 


Nevertheless, the probability of errors using a barcode mechanism drops down to one for every 10,000 scans. Due to the high accuracy of barcodes, they are used by a large number of retailers and manufacturers to streamline their day-to-day operations.


Real-time WMS Dashboards

ERP warehouse management systems generate an enormous amount of data each day. However, most of this data is manual and inaccessible to warehouse managers. Upon implementing barcodes in warehouse operations, managers get real-time insights into their inventory data. 


Real-time WMS dashboards enable managers to become more proactive with their day-to-day operations. It enables them to extract useful information to optimize the overall efficiency of their warehouse management processes. 


Increased Security and Mobility

The use of a barcode mechanism adds an additional layer of security to warehouse operations. Warehouse managers can centrally manage inventory movements and track shipments to avoid uneven delays. Barcoding also eliminates the chances of internal thefts and mishandling of stocks due to inappropriate measures. It also minimizes shrinkage in the case of high-value products belonging to an elite class. 


Barcode implementation brings mobility to warehouse operations by providing managers access to inventory data on a wide range of devices. Besides, it increases order accuracy by streamlining pack verification processes. 


The Bottom Line

These were some of the many benefits of using barcodes in warehouse management processes. A large number of retailers, manufacturing companies, and warehouse managers routinely save their valuable time and money by investing in barcodes. You can also avail a number of benefits by implementing barcodes in your day-to-day warehouse operations. We, at Oodles Technologies, have years of experience in ERP application development to streamline warehouse and inventory management processes.


Avail Oodles’ Expertise To Build Warehouse management ERP software

We are a seasoned ERP app development company that provides end-to-end warehouse and inventory management solutions to streamline complex business operations. Our ERP WMS integration services ensure that managers get total control over their inventory movements and complete transparency for warehouse data. We are experienced in developing barcode scanning applications to accelerate data entry processes and streamline inventory tracking.  


Our prior experience in barcode implementation:


We have successfully completed several ERP warehouse management software development projects with barcode implementation through responsive and user-centric mobile apps. We have designed and developed dynamic user interfaces to proactively manage order processing and simplify the order fulfillment cycle. 


Our barcode applications enable warehouse managers to create and manage picklists and process multiple orders simultaneously for increased operational efficiency. Our barcode applications automatically update inventory levels and provide real-time information to the integrated ERP systems. We also implement features like packaging slip generation, shipment tracking, picklist creation and scanning, easy cancellations, and more. Our ERP WMS integration services have enabled several businesses to augment their customer service efforts by automating supply chain activities. 

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