Simplifying Software Lifecycle Management Using Azure DevOps

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 27-Aug-2020

The following blog post sheds light on the important aspects of cloud-DevOps and highlights the process of simplifying Software Lifecycle Management Using Azure DevOps.


Simplifying Software Lifecycle Management Using Azure DevOps


The success of an IT company is contingent on many factors including the efficiency and synchronization between the development and operations teams. An effective collaboration between the former and latter is essential to maintain a consistent workflow, thereby providing improved software releases in the given timeframe. To achieve this type of efficiency, DevOps is becoming the go-to implementation strategy for most IT companies. 


DevOps is an acronym for the terms software development and IT operations. It is a set of practices that aim to reduce the software development lifecycle through effective collaboration between development and operations teams. DevOps incorporates agile methodologies to improve software quality and yield better software releases with a focus on continuous deployment, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. 


Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) is a comprehensive DevOps service platform offered by Microsoft that enables organizations to streamline their development and IT operations. Let’s explore this platform further and delve deeper into its features and unique offerings. Subsequently, you’ll learn how we use Azure DevOps services to accelerate your software development lifecycle.  


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An Introduction To Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) service offered by Microsoft that enables enterprises to accelerate their software development lifecycle and streamline IT operations. It is an improved version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) that was recently rebranded as Azure DevOps. IT enterprises can use this platform with a managed Git provider to automate their builds and software releases in different environments. Azure DevOps also provides various pipelines to configure software models with continuous deployment that aids faster releases. 


We, at Oodles Technologies, are seasoned DevOps solutions and service providers with proven skills in Azure DevOps services. We have a team of experienced DevOps professionals that uses agile methodologies to shorten the software development lifecycle and streamline IT operations. Our end-to-end DevOps solutions and services enable organizations to seamlessly run their operations with a focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery. Read further to explore the benefits we deliver through Azure DevOps services. 


Reasons For Choosing Azure DevOps Services

The Azure DevOps platform provides a fast and efficient way to manage IT operations and accelerate software delivery with its automated pipelines and easy configuration mechanisms. Given below are the five main benefits of using Azure DevOps services. 


Effective Collaboration

Azure DevOps platform enables developers to centrally host and manage the code to accelerate the development process and boost efficiency. It provides valuable means for managing servers and facilitates code versioning that significantly improves code management. 


At Oodles, we formulate effective strategies to establish a proactive link between developers and operations experts using Azure DevOps services. 


Open Platform

Azure DevOps is an open and extensible platform which means its services are equally effective for any type of application regardless of the tech stack used. With the availability of various community tools, it provides an extensive integration support for continuous integration and delivery. Azure DevOps renders support for both public and private cloud configurations i.e you can use it with both Azure, GCP, and AWS cloud.  


Our DevOps team at Oodles, uses Azure pipelines to build and test a Node functionality from a GitHub repository. Further, we deploy it to a container on the AWS cloud to seamlessly achieve the desired functionality. 


Continuous Integration and Deployment

Azure DevOps platform provides a robust mechanism for deploying all types of software solutions in a systematic pipeline. It enables organizations to shorten their software development lifecycle, speed up software releases and reduce time-to-market through continuous integration and continuous delivery. 


Our DevOps solutions and services are conducive of the best industry standards and latest technologies to unlock the vast business potential by improving IT operations and software releases. 


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Closing Remarks

As already mentioned above, Azure DevOps is the advanced version of Microsoft VSTS that extends way beyond the previous capabilities. After rebranding it as Azure DevOps, Microsoft rendered a full-fledged CI/CD system to plan, develop, test, and deploy software applications. Apart from the new upgrades that it brings to the table, Azure DevOps also retains previous VSTS features like end-to-end integration and traceability. 


Why Choose Oodles For DevOps Solutions and Services?

We are seasoned DevOps solutions and service providers with vast experience in providing complete IT solutions for varied business requirements. Our team of DevOps professionals incorporates agile methodologies in adherence to industry best practices and enterprise IT standards. We use the latest tools and technologies to accelerate the software development and reduce time-to-market with a focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery. Our end-to-end DevOps solutions and services are inclusive of software development, testing, scaling, integration, and deployment.

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