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Posted By : Pulkit Chadha | 12-Apr-2017


Ngrok is very useful tool that allow users to make an application(running on the their local machine) accessible over the internet.This is very flexible and portable tool which can be configured with any system.

Step 1:  First, download ngrok using the link below:

Step 2: Unzip it. On Linux, you can unzip ngrok using the command :

 $ unzip /path/to/

Step 3: Start the application which you want to access on other computer. It can be a node application.For example:

  nodejs app.js // Running on 3000 port.

Step 4: Run the ngrok:

/path/to/ngrok ngrok http 3000

Step 5: This will open a UI in your terminal with the public URL of your application and other status information about connections. Copy the URL and share it with anyone.

Step 6: Anyone  can access your local web server unless you protect it with a password using -auth . This will authenticate all HTTP requests with the username and password you specify as an argument.

ngrok http -auth="username:password" 3000

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