Role of BA in User Acceptance Testing

Posted By : Priya Jha | 21-Dec-2018

User Acceptance Testing is a process of testing a product by the end users i.e. people who will ultimately use the system to do real work, run it through its paces in a test environment to make sure that it meets the business need well enough to be accepted.


The role of the Business Analyst is focused on understanding the business needs and making sure that those needs are delivered properly.
The beginning of this process of ensuring the delivery starts with the front-end work. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) provides an important check to make sure that the business needs have been fulfilled and correctly met, and that they have been met in a way that is acceptable to the users and the business. By participating in the UAT process, the Business Analyst gets a significant opportunity to ensure that the solution provided by the system gives precisely what the business needs.


Let's discuss the ways by which a BA can participate in UAT process to make sure the correct and value delivery.


  • Identifying UAT Testers-Users can of be of two types-Active users or Passive users. Active users are the ones who actually interact with the system and their hands are on the keyboard whereas Passive users are the ones who don't interact with the system directly but are impacted by the system in one way or another(eg, they may receive reports or emails or notifications from the system)
  • Planning UAT Tests-Planning for UAT is significantly different from planning the other types of testing because the whole purpose of UAT is different. All of the other testings that are done is focused on finding defects, so by the time we get to UAT, there should be fewer defects remaining to be found. On the other hand, the major focus of UAT should be on how the system will actually be used in practice.
  • Determining When To Do UAT-Usually people think that UATs must be performed at the end of the project, but doing this crucial evaluation so late might land up in significant risks because any issues found in UAT will either cause delays(time involved in the correction) or will have to be accepted as it is.
  • Delivering Business Value Through UAT-Actively participating in UAT planning and execution is an important way for the BA to ensure that value is indeed delivered.


Hope this blog was informative, will be discussing each point in detail in my next blog. Keep learning!


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