Roku Will Soon Launch Its Own Voice Assistant

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 30-Jan-2018

Roku's Voice assistant


Roku is one of the best easy to use streaming devices out there in the market. The company has recently announced that they are soon going to launch their own voice assistant entertainment controller for their streaming devices and smart TVs. TCL was the first company to announce about this brand new device. This will let the existing roku owners to control their device by speaking simple commands such as “asking the movie title”, “play a movie or music” etc.



The Roku Entertainment Assistant voice control will make the streaming process more entertaining and easier, also the update will be completely free to all the existing users. Roku’s new speakers will be made to connect with your existing devices and then you can control it through the Roku remote or streaming media player. It even lets you add the home theatre soundbar option to get variety of new audio options.



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The whole purpose is to join the race of smart voice assistance. But the company is not doing it on its own, the third party will build speakers and audios system which will then be connected to your existing Roku ecosystem. The audio system will be connected wirelessly which will let you easily sync audio. After upgrading to the voice assistant update, all the voice supported devices will be able to use the voice commands.  



It will be able to control the entertainment only and will not be able to do other tasks like Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. Though it is yet not revealed what other commands it will take. Roku has partnered up with RCA, Hisense, Hitachi, Sharp and in spring, it will be releasing Magnavox Roku TV. The all new Roku Assistant will be updated in the Roku TVs this year which will be better than the existing Roku devices with voice platforms. The pricing of the information is not available right now.





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