Redefining Entertainment with Apple TV Application Development

Posted By : Prince Verma | 08-Mar-2019

Apple Tv App Development

The entertainment industry has noticed a lot of changes since technological advancements have taken place. To provide users with the ultimate entertainment experience Apple gives businesses the authority to create their tvOS apps. Building video streaming apps, gaming apps using tvOS can prove to be beneficial for businesses of different paradigms.  

Experts at Oodles Technologies have hands-on experience in creating power-packed and scalable iOS apps in a short duration. We use TVUIKit, TVML, and Metal frameworks to deliver Apple TV apps that are user-centric.


Why Companies Should Feel Secure of Launching tvOS Apps? 


Apple TV is a digital media player offering ultimate performance in the world of television. Apple has designed applications in a manner that it solves the purpose of a smart TV and a micro-console. Apps designed for an Apple TV stays compatible with HDMI source devices. Apple TV tvOS offers a new platform for developer and consumer to experience great innovation in technology. We can create an application and use our iOS code as a starting point of tvOS.




Reasons why Building an Apple TV Application is Beneficial for a Business: 

  • A 4K HDR content experience

  • Intuitive Home screen

  • Simple integration

The Apple TV 4K offers an attractive, customizable interface and affordable UHD content. Using this platform Oodles Technologies experts develop different kinds of applications for Apple TV. We make use of different programming languages while developing Application for Apple TV.  


1) Utilizing Native Languages (Swift and Objective-C)

2) Using JavaScript


Developing an application using either of these languages help us deliver high-quality applications in a short duration. tvOS originated from iOS is distinct from OS as it uses different frameworks to speed up its operations. Let us dig in these frameworks for a better understanding of Apple development process.  




Apple has worked on focus engine that helps users seamlessly navigate through different elements of iOS App development. We develop applications with open-ended interfaces, allowing the user to navigate freely from one app to the other. Our software development experts provide linear navigation for ease of navigation. The focus engine provides context for the user's interaction by giving emphasis to elements that are currently in focus. The focus on application development is made through zooming in and giving feedback.



App Icon Parallax Effect


tvOS introduced a feature which gives a parallax effect to the users. Parallax effect It increases user interface making it easy and more attractive. This effect is created through images including the background, middle and foreground image. The entire layout which is created helps in generating amazing effects within the application.


Supports JavaScript


tvOS also facilitates the app developers in building an application using Javascript. For enabling developers to use JavaScript in Apple TV application development, Apple released new markup languages.  

Let us look at some of these markup languages that facilitate app development procedure.

  • TVML: Television markup language. It is used to create an individual page using XML format.

  • TVJS: Javascript API's to display data in your Apple TV app using TVMLKit.

  • TVMLKit: It allows developers to incorporate Javascript and TVML files into the application. It's the path between TVML, JAVASCRIPT, and final tvOS app.


Building apps for Apple TV come with some limitations as most of the graphics designers keep into account the hardware limitations they face. In spite of all these constraints in creating applications for an Apple TV, we deliver high-quality TV applications in a short span. All applications developed by us on tvOS are stable, scalable and power-packed with features. For more Smart TV Application development services contact Oodles Technologies. We are a leading application development company, offering SaaS applications, Video-Streaming solutions, blockchain services and more. For complete details on tvOS app development services Contact us now!


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