Recording An API Using the Blazemeter

Posted By : Harshit Verma | 28-Feb-2018

When you need to do the testing you just need to set up the JMeter as you need to fill up the proxy, ports, and the API path for each request.For that, the blazemeter is much more useful as we don't have to do any extra things just only we need a "BLAZEMETER". Yes, the blazemeter will ease all these things, and give you all set data for the testing as it's not necessary to know every part of the application. As the required parameters, the required headers and the rest data that must be required for generating a request must get when we using the blazemeter.


For getting the blazemeter just follow the steps are as follows.


1.First of all, you need the blazemeter extension in your browser.

2.You need to signup with the blazemeter, for exporting the report.

3.Then just name the session as you want to name it, this name indicates the recorded file by the blazemeter.



4.when  you are getting a login, then open the application on a browser that you need to test.But remember before opening the application click on the record button on the blazemeter that will record all the API's that must be hitting on performing the actions of the functionality.


5.When you are at your desired functionality and make sure you must use it, the simply click on the blazemeter stop button that may record all your surfed API's in the form of the .jmx file.

6.If you want to edit the recorded files you just need to click on the edit button in the blazemeter, here te list of the recorded API's along with the details will appear, you may able to edit the desired or required APIs according to your need.


7. Then at last just export the .jmx file to the JMeter by simply clicking on the export to JMeter button on the blazemeter.

8.Opening the j meter and goes to the


file>open>Browse the file that you saved in the blazemeter.

9. The rest buttons in the blazemeter are for one of them for reset and the other is the pause button.


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